AOC Pushes Debunked Conspiracies Against GOP on Colbert Show

The Democrats’ “show trial” — the Jan. 6 Committee hearings — imploded on Tuesday after they rushed in a surprise witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, whose claims about what she heard concerning President Donald Trump and agents in the car on Jan. 6 were cut to ribbons by media reports from Secret Service sources as well as the very man who she claimed she heard the story from, Tony Ornato.


But the Democrats just keep spinning, hoping that somehow if they keep pushing this, someone will believe them and not vote them out in November because of the mess they have made of the country, particularly on the economy.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show on Tuesday night. She claimed that while the Jan. 6 riot was going on, there was “a feeling” and a “great sense” that “there were people on the inside.” Not reality, mind you, but a “feeling.” So it’s real because she “feels” it.

“And, we learned last week,” AOC said, “There were one, if not more — several members of Congress — who brought in some of these insurrectionists to essentially case the joint before, uh, coming in the next day.”

This is an utter falsehood. It appears to be referencing a debunked claim about a tour given by Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) on Jan. 5. The tour wasn’t of the Capitol itself, but in a House office building where the group was visiting the lawmaker. The Capitol Police already issued a statement saying they found nothing suspicious about the visit and the group was never in the Capitol (so they couldn’t have “cased” it). Not only is what AOC said demonstrably untrue, but then she expanded on the debunked claim and made it “several” members of Congress when there wasn’t even evidence of one.


AOC then whined about having to work with the people “knowing that they did what they did.” No, you don’t “know” any such thing. Let’s remember that this was the woman who complained about the great trauma of her experiences that day — when she wasn’t in the Capitol building but her offices almost half a mile away, and wasn’t confronted by anyone but a police officer. But she tries to take a shot at the Republicans she alleges were involved, calling them “not very intelligent.” Pot calling the kettle black there, AOC.

Colbert responded that that was the “saving grace of their malice” and how unintelligent they are. Um, Stephen? Your people just got arrested for being illegally in the Capitol complex after hours, reportedly banging on the doors of the members of Congress. Let’s not talk about intelligence, because you would not come out well here.

AOC didn’t leave it there. She moved on to attack the Supreme Court saying it was the responsibility of the president and the Congress to “check” the overreach of the Supreme Court.


She claimed the SCOTUS has engaged in the “overreaching” of its authority by “denying the human & civil rights of any pregnant person or person that could become pregnant.”

Oh, please. It’s only “overreach” when she doesn’t like the ruling. How is she fulfilling her duty to uphold the Constitution when she’s chanting with a Revolutionary Communist member that the Court is “illegitimate”? She’s making false claims about Jan. 6 but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with trying to undermine the Supreme Court. Not to mention, “pregnant person”? Only women can become pregnant, but she can’t say that.

Ocasio-Cortez tried to relate some “history” and it was a mess. She even referred to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” as the “Green New Deal” and wrongly characterized FDR’s overreach attempt to expand the Court to get the political results he wanted as an overreach of the Supreme Court.

She also lied about the Court’s decision in Dobbs, saying Congress could codify all the other cases that “the Supreme Court indicated that they would threaten.” The Supreme Court specifically said Dobbs did not apply to other “privacy” cases.


If that weren’t enough, Colbert then asked her if she would be running for president in 2024 since questions were being raised about Biden.

AOC puts him off, but you know that she’s going to do it at some point and that there are some deluded Democrats who would come out and vote for her. But if she’s the Democratic nominee in 2024 against Ron DeSantis, for example, Democrats should prepare to lose in a landslide.


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