CNN's Chris Cillizza Trips All Over Himself on Biden Falling off Bike

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Earlier on Saturday, I reported how Joe Biden took a hard fall off his bike when he came to a stop trying to greet people. He seemed more concentrated on greeting the people and not as much on getting off the bike safely.


So, he put his left foot down but when he tried to get his right foot off the pedal, he got it hung up in the toe clip/cage on the pedal and couldn’t keep his balance, even though he had one foot on the ground.

I asked whether it was just an inarticulate move or anything to do with his gait issue. I think that’s a valid question since he has a doctor-declared gait issue which we can see, and he’s had prior issues in the past, including falling going up the stairs three times, falling and breaking his foot, then falling up the airplane stairs again about 10 days ago. Joe being Joe it’s likely just an inarticulate move. Occam’s Razor. Not the biggest question in the world, given all his other issues and how he is hurting America.

But the thing about it is you immediately had liberal media–including CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Andrew Kaczynski–jumping right on it, saying this could happen to anyone.

Now, it’s true it could happen to anyone (I don’t know about “regularly”; that might suggest a problem).

But here’s the thing, Cillizza’s the guy who said reporters “don’t take a side,” when, indeed, we know that they do. He’s the prime example of that principle. We all know that if this had been President Donald Trump, it would be featured everywhere and CNN would have analysis and color commentary about how this matters, so much, pointing to his deficiencies.


How do we know that? Because they’ve done it in the past. Remember the ramp? Let’s hear from Cillizza once again, this time accompanied by the New York Times.

We already know we’re not going to get that story from CNN on Joe Biden.

Now, as Trump noted at the time, the ramp was slippery so he was being cautious going down it, so he wouldn’t fall. Unlike Biden, he didn’t have any diagnosed medical issues, nor was there any evidence that he had any kind of a walking issue. It was just about pumping up something with which to attack Trump.

Want a bonus comment, on how Cillizza and the liberal media are just objective guys and don’t pick a side? Here’s his Hillary Clinton post about her coughing fits from September 6, during the 2016 campaign.

Let’s remember what happened on September 11, 2016, at the 9/11 memorial ceremony — Clinton had to be propped up and then completely passed out, as they tried to get her into the vehicle.


So once again, Cillizza was proven wrong.

A couple of folks on the conservative side of the aisle mocked the liberal media reaction to rush to Biden’s defense, Joe Gabriel Simonson from the Free Beacon and Omri Ceren, the NatSec guy for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

They have some in the liberal media and Cillizza dead on target. Please don’t pretend that you’re objective when we know that you’re not; you’re just adding insulting our intelligence on top of it all when you do that.


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