Biden Sticks His Foot in His Mouth, Acknowledges Sad Truth About His Intelligence

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Joe Biden stuck his foot in his mouth when he confessed a basic truth about his intelligence on Tuesday.

I wrote earlier how his White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has no idea or is lying about what caused the skyrocketing inflation. She was confronted with the fact that economists say Biden’s American Rescue Plan contributed to the inflation and she claimed the Plan helped deal with inflation. But that ignorance flows down from the top — from Joe Biden.


We reported on Joe Biden’s wild rant before the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia, where he chastised people for daring to criticize his reckless spending that contributed to the raging inflation from which Americans are now suffering. His answer to dealing with inflation reveals it wasn’t just Jean-Pierre who is ignorant or trying to dupe Americans. He claimed that his tax hikes on the rich and corporations would help save $30 on high-speed internet. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make any sense, it’s Joe Biden. “That’s a lot of money,” he claimed. So is the $460 more a month we are paying with Bidenflation. I think that cancels out his alleged $30.

If you raise taxes on corporations, guess what’s going to happen? They’re going to raise their prices to recoup the difference. That’s basic economics and that’s what he wants to do as Americans are being crushed. He also didn’t even seem to understand what he was talking about when he talked about releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to deal with rising gas prices — he called it the “global fund.” It isn’t a “global fund” that is supposed to be for the world — it’s an American fund that’s only supposed to be used for our country’s emergencies. “Emergencies” aren’t when Biden has to do something to make up for his anti-energy policies and try to improve his low polls before the midterms. It’s a crisis of his own making and he still isn’t doing the one thing that would help the situation — taking the restrictions off energy. As we noted, he’s still canceling oil leases and stopping drilling. Plus, the release that he’s done so far hasn’t lowered the prices, they’ve gone up to their highest ever — over $5.00 since he initiated the releases.


This reveals such ignorance (or an intent to tank the economy), that it’s a bit scary. That gets to that “basic truth about his intelligence” that I was talking about and why something else he said during his AFL-CIO rant was funny, sad and so true — all at the same time. He said that Stacey Abrams was smarter than he was. He also called her “Stacey Abram.”

He also said that she was loyal. Did he forget how she blew him off in January when he visited Georgia on the issue of her great focus — voting rights. Allegedly, she had a “scheduling” issue and couldn’t be seen with him in Georgia, where his polling, like in the rest of the country is in the dumpster.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only person smarter than he is, as he’s noted.

If Kamala Harris, Hunter Biden, and Stacey Abrams are smarter than him, you know we are in deep trouble.

But he wasn’t quite finished. He brought Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) along with him on the trip on Air Force One but then when he mentioned her during his remarks, he couldn’t get her name straight, calling her “Mary Kay Scanlon.” I supposed that’s better than some mashes he’s made, such as when he didn’t even get the gender of the person he was referring to correct.


But I wanted to wrap with how delusional his ignorance is. He claims that there were “long lines” of people waiting for food before he came into office, waiting for a box of food.

This, of course, is another ignorant interpretation of the facts. There was a brief period at the height of the lockdown when you had this in a few places. But that wasn’t a function of a bad economy, but the lockdowns. The economy had been booming just before the lockdowns because of good policies, with the lowest unemployment we had in 50 years. But the problems under Biden are due to his policies and they have extended to all Americans and have lasted far longer than those brief lines. Even then, you didn’t have high food and gas prices, you didn’t have people desperate for baby formula because of government action.

Unfortunately, while Biden can get angry and rant that people don’t understand him, it’s we who suffer from all of his ignorance and bad policies.



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