Biden Unleashed: Geriatric President Screams and Rants Uncontrollably While Addressing Union Members

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Joe Biden was let out of the basement on Tuesday, and boy did it produce some viral clips, with the content ranging from hilarious to disturbing, to infuriating.


The speech took place in Philadelphia, PA, where the president traveled to address the AFL-CIO. What followed was Biden unleashed, with the geriatric screaming and ranting to the audience in an attempt to rally support headed into November’s mid-terms. At times, it was uncomfortable to watch as his age and inability to even read a teleprompter convincingly showed through.

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Watching Biden flail about, all I could think about was that iconic scene from “Anchor Man.”

Apparently, Biden thinks it’s still 1975, back when he was merely a middle-aged Washington apparatchik. But the whole screaming thing went out of style about the time Howard Dean nuked his career with the now-infamous “Yahhhhhhhh” scream.

Regardless, the president’s arrogance is truly disturbing. He angrily rebukes those who question his outsized government spending, yelling that “We are changing people’s lives!”

But what exactly does that entail? Because from where I sit, the only thing the Democrats are changing is how much money the poor and middle-class have in their bank accounts. Inflation and the market crash are destroying people’s economic freedom, and Biden wants to brag that he’s helping people? That kind of unwillingness to admit when you are wrong isn’t just infuriating, it’s outright dangerous when talking about the economic stability of the nation.


And speaking of arrogance, this next clip is just astonishing. And no, I’m not talking about the fact that he had a senior moment, forgetting the name of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve or that he doesn’t know the word “serious” exists. Well, maybe I’m talking a little about that.

Pushing for higher taxes in the middle of an inflationary boom where real costs are approaching 20 percent is insane, and I mean really insane. Like Joy Reid, straight to the asylum levels of insane. If you think prices are high now, wait until corporate tax rates go from 21 percent to 29 percent.

And while the president insists he’s not going to “raise taxes” on those making under $400,000, inflation is a tax. Heck, I would have much rather endured a five percent tax increase than watch my investments burn down while I spend an extra $10,000 this year just to buy the same stuff I bought last year.

The idea that wages were not growing before Biden took office is just not true. Steady wage growth did happen under the former president. The difference is that under Donald Trump, the growth was real. Right now, while wages are “up,” inflation is far outpacing those gains. Everyone can look at their own bank account and know what’s really going on.


Moving on, no Biden speech would be complete without him showing that he’s physically breaking down. Multiple times throughout his comments, he had to stop to cough.

Lastly, the president reprised his hilarious insult “ultra MAGA” while calling for bipartisanship. You know, because nothing says bipartisanship like trying to slander half the country.

What else is there to say? Biden is an arrogant, dangerous, disturbed man who has led the United States into one of its worst periods in history. The only thing worse than that is knowing we’ve still got two and a half more years for him to screw things up further. And rest assured, he will.


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