Biden's Approval Hits Yet Another Record Low as Gas and Food Hit Record Highs

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We keep saying it’s hard to go lower in the polls, but Joe Biden just keeps doing it. The only thing that he’s managed to achieve so far in office is hitting every record for how bad everything is.


His Real Clear Politics average approval rating just hit another record low — it’s now at 39.3 percent approval.

He’s also at the lowest point in most polls, including the Quinnipiac poll, which has him at 33 percent, with Americans spending more than $460 more a month because of it.

At this point, Americans don’t believe Biden gives a darn and a big part of that is the response of Biden and the Democrats. Democrats want to deflect from all the misery they are inflicting on people with the Jan. 6 hearings — in which Americans aren’t interested. Biden just keeps saying everything is wonderful while Americans know that everything is going to heck in a handbasket.

Gas prices are at a record high and food prices are seeing the highest increases since 1979.


Is it any wonder that Biden’s numbers are so low?

But things continue to get worse.

The stock market took a huge tumble on Monday with persistent inflation and fears of recession.

Not only has the baby formula shortage continued since Biden started paying attention to the problem in May, it has deteriorated even more, it’s now 74 percent out of stock with some states over 90 percent.

Joe Biden trumpeted his few airlifts of baby formula but that doesn’t seem to have improved the situation, which was a problem the government made worse when they shut down Abbott without seeming to care about the effect that might have.

Biden blames “Putin’s price hike,” claiming a lot of it is due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Not only is that a lie, with inflation and gas going up long before the invasion, but it makes Joe Biden look even weaker, as though Putin is controlling our economy. So it’s a dumb and damaging excuse that makes Biden look even more deficient. On top of all that, Putin is now selling more oil at higher prices than before Biden’s ’embargo.’ One more thing that Biden wasn’t able to pull off correctly.


Let’s add one more thing. If he hasn’t already lost a lot of women and families with the handling of the baby formula shortage, he may lose even more women with the newest shortage — tampons and feminine hygiene products.

As we noted, Democrats are now talking about throwing Biden under the bus in 2024. But they still need to deal with the present problems. If all they do is deflect and say that the riot a year-and-a-half ago is more important than Americans not being able to afford food now, Americans are going to send them a resounding message in the midterms about what they think of them. It isn’t going to be pretty for the Democrats.


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