Karine Jean-Pierre Sinks the Dems With Her Latest Comment on Inflation

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

We’ve seen Joe Biden and his team make a lot of bad policy statements and moves. We saw how they were flailing on Monday over the stock market going into the dumpster.


Biden has left us with a mess on virtually every front, so it would likely be hard to choose what issue is the worst, but there’s no question that inflation is a top contender.

What White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during an interview on CNN with Don Lemon on Monday night shows how clueless they are regarding their approach.

First, she lied about the condition the country was in when Biden came into office.

She claimed the economy was “not in a great place.”

Jean-Pierre tells Lemon: “We have to remember where this country was” when Biden “walked into office.”

Yes, some businesses were still closed in some places, but inflation and gas prices weren’t spiraling out of control. Contrary to what she said, we did have a “comprehensive COVID strategy” — indeed, that’s why the Biden team was gifted with a vaccine and plan in place. Yet, the Biden team has still had more people die on their watch from COVID, even with the vaccines, treatments, and their “strategy.” Then she stepped in it big time, saying only Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan, that it was “his [Biden’s] plan.”


Interestingly, Don Lemon followed up with a real question, pointing out how economists pointed to Biden’s and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan as part of the reason for the skyrocketing inflation. If even Don Lemon is getting it, you know Biden and the Democrats are in trouble. He asked Jean-Pierre if the Biden team bore some responsibility for it. Watch the blinking — even she doesn’t believe what she says, that’s why she has such trouble with it.

Jean-Pierre said the very thing that contributed to inflation “put us in a place where the American people feel, can, can — can actually — we can take on inflation.” She then talks about Biden writing an op-ed and claims we are in “a good historic economic place.”

This is delusional and not living in reality.

So they are incredible liars and/or they have no economic sense whatsoever. Not only that, it’s insulting our intelligence when she claims that the very thing that caused the inflation helps us deal with it. We’re in a historic place alright — a historically bad place, because these folks are incompetent and/or trying to tank the economy. Beyond that, once again, they take no responsibility for any of their actions and they have no shame about the harm they have caused.


But she did make an important point that sinks the Democrats, whether she realizes it or not — that the Plan was all on Biden and the Democrats. So when the American people are thinking about who’s behind all their suffering as they go into the voting booth, they can remember the words of Karine Jean-Pierre and know who to boot out of office.


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