Report: One Source for Steele Dossier Called It 'Fake News'

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We’ve seen what the Clinton team did with the debunked Alfa Bank claim against President Donald Trump, referring it to the FBI and spreading it to the media to smear him.


Of course, that wasn’t the only BS being slung. According to associates of one of the sources for the Steele dossier, Charles Dolan, he called it “fake news.”

From The NY Post:

Veteran public relations executive Charles “Chuck” Dolan Jr. appeared shocked by the contents of the infamous dossier when it was published by BuzzFeed shortly before Trump’s inauguration, some of his associates told the Wall Street Journal.

Dolan — a longtime ally of both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton — even sent an email denouncing the dossier just hours after it was posted online, according to the Journal.

“I’m hoping that this is exposed as fake news,” he reportedly wrote.

“I will check with some folks in the intel world to see if they know who produced this.”

Many of the crucial details in the dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele were the product of gossip traded by Dolan; Washington, DC, researcher Igor Danchenko; and one of Danchenko’s former schoolmates in Russia, Olga Galkina, the Journal said.

Danchenko was later charged with lying about his sources for the information that he fed to Steele. Danchenko said he had never talked with Dolan about any of the information although he allegedly got some of his information from Dolan (although he didn’t credit him as the source), including the false claim about what Trump supposedly did in a Moscow hotel. Despite what the dossier claimed, what Dolan said to the feds differed markedly, according to the NY Post — he said nothing “sexual or salacious” happened. That puts a final stake in a ridiculous liberal talking point, but no doubt it will continue anyway because reality no longer matters to some.


Dolan has said that he will not be talking while the case against Danchenko is still pending and Galkina said that she never gave Danchenko permission to discuss their conversations.

Yet this was amplified to harm a president with an investigation that continued and media smearing Trump over it for years. Some continue with the smear to this day.

According to the Durham filings, Danchenko said that Dolan would “take me to the State Department if Hillary wins.” Fiona Hill was involved both in introducing Danchenko to Steele and in the first impeachment effort against Trump.

Ironically, it was the people involved in the effort against Trump who had a variety of contacts with Russia/Russians.

Danchenko sounded frustrated and maybe like a man willing to talk when he stopped tweeting back in February after he was charged.

“I am weary. And it’s a drag for others. May I not play this stupid game any more?” he wrote.

“So, what is it that you wanted to do? You unveiled my identity, ridiculed me, made sure I can’t work or travel… as I spend all of my and my family money to the penny… And what’s your end game? (Asking for a friend course).”

Dancheko added, “Farewell,” and hasn’t tweeted again since his Feb. 3 sign-off.


The answer here is a simple one — flip on the bigger folks behind the game. That would be the answer for Michael Sussmann as well, but we’ll have to see where that goes as his trial moves ahead. As I reported, some big names are on the witness lists to be called and that can’t make the folks in Clinton-land happy at this point.


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