CNN's Terrible Take on Where the Threat Is Coming From After SCOTUS Leak

AP Photo/Morry Gash

During the BLM/Antifa riots in 2020, we saw liberal media including CNN do all they could to downplay the violence.

That was the origin of the saying “mostly peaceful” protest. Even as the riots raged behind them and things went up in flames in Kenosha, Wisconsin, you had MSNBC or CNN reporters describing the riots as “mostly peaceful.”


But just as CNN tried to sell something that wasn’t true then, they appear to be doing the same thing now, in describing the reaction after the leak of the SCOTUS draft opinion. Non-scalable fencing went up around the Court after the leak because of the fear of the threats to the Court and the justices.

But guess who CNN claims law enforcement is “bracing” for violence from? They stand reality on its head and claim that there are concerns about violence from the “far-right.”

Why would the people on the right — who would welcome such a decision — be upset? This of course makes no sense. But CNN will try anything to spin the narrative away from the reality of the left’s violence, just like they did with the BLM riots.


They claimed there could be violence “against abortion providers, against the clinics, against members of the judiciary, members of the federal government, and that also includes members of the Supreme Court.” But, “I should caution, though, there are no specific credible threats. However, social media chatter is being taken much more seriously in the wake of January 6th.”

In other words, there are no real threats — bonus points for getting Jan. 6 in.

But notice who they don’t mention? The radical groups targeting the SCOTUS justices for harassment. The radical groups that want to invade Catholic churches. They have already gotten violent. You know, the real threats. The ones the Democrats aren’t condemning and indeed are encouraging, as they ramp up the rhetoric.

About 250 leftists were blocking the street outside the federal courthouse in Los Angeles when the police were called. At least one of the people was flying a Communist flag. Then things got out of hand, with the radicals busting the window of at least one of the police cars and attacking the police, injuring two officers in the process.


I’m thinking this wasn’t from the far-right:

That was a Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado, that was vandalized.

Where is the coverage of this on CNN? It seems to be missing. They certainly didn’t mention it here or any of the leftist actions.

Do they expect people to believe their bilge? Talk about Orwellian propaganda.



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