CNN Just Won an Award for Painting the George Floyd Riots as "Mostly Peaceful"

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It wasn’t almost a year ago that CNN reporter Omar Jimenez stood in front of a parking lot filled with flaming cars wearing goggles and a gas mask. As he spoke about a “largely peaceful” protest, a chyron below him on the screen read that the riots were “fiery but mostly peaceful.”


The country watched on in disbelief as “the most trusted name in news” attempted to sell what was clearly a violent and chaotic riot as something wholesome, even as news feed after news feed showed the destruction, murders, and violence from every working screen. But as we lambasted CNN for its obvious bias and lies, the judges at the Emmys were nodding in approval.

Thus, on Tuesday, CNN won an Emmy award for their coverage of the George Floyd riots.

“Last night we won an Emmy for our breaking news coverage of the death of George Floyd alongside so many incredible teammates both in front of the camera and behind it,” Jimenez tweeted on Wednesday. “Over a year later, I look back on that period of time and still almost can’t believe it happened.”

Neither can we.

RedState also covered the George Floyd riots and we saw what everyone else did. It was a time of absolute chaos as entire city blocks were violently taken over by ideological extremists. Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters destroyed public property and assaulted those who openly stood against them. Innocent people died, including children.


The left has tried very hard to paint it as something else, but we didn’t let them.

To be clear, CNN didn’t just win one Emmy, it won eight.

They won “Outstanding Breaking News Coverage” for the George Floyd riots, plus other awards such as “Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis” and “Outstanding Research: News” given to Fareed Zakaria and Anderson Cooper respectively.

Fox News, the most-watched cable news channel in the country, won zero.

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone. Awards are dolled out by elites to elites that keep the elitist’s narrative healthy. Keep in mind that CNN had won an award in the past for its coverage of the Malaysian airliner that went missing, which included Don Lemon asking a panel whether or not the plane may have fallen into a black hole.

The egregious part, and the most important, is that they awarded CNN for coverage that was clearly and blatantly a lie. Giving them an award for “Outstanding Breaking News Coverage” is less accurate. Giving them an award for “best acting in a news program” would be a lot more honest.


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