Biden Sparks Surge in 25th Amendment Talk With Incredibly Confused Comment

It’s hard to keep up with the Joe Biden gaffes.

Some of them are more problematic than others. We saw how seemingly indicating he might not have a full response to a “minor incursion” might have emboldened Vladimir Putin in his quest to invade Ukraine. We’ve seen how he made mistakes, indicating that U.S. troops might be going into Ukraine — an implication that could drag us into World War III. The White House has had to rush out and clean up those mistakes, and so many others since he has gotten into office.


Biden had another gaffe today when he couldn’t even get the name of the event he was overseeing correct — the Presidential Rank Awards. He had the help of a teleprompter. Even with the teleprompter, it was not enough.

But that wasn’t even the biggest questionable comment of the day. Unfortunately, when it comes to Joe Biden, gaffes are a constant. Under the heading of some are worse than others, his later comment today was a real head-twister. It’s one thing to get the title of the event he’s overseeing wrong. That’s bad enough. It’s quite another when he gets confused about himself, his job title, and the job that he held for 36 years. Biden was talking about a Muslim American employee at the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware — Madinah Wilson-Anton– because he was talking about the end of Ramadan. He wanted to make sure he was introducing her as also being from Delaware. But in the process, he said that there hadn’t been any senators from Delaware.


“There have not been many of the senators from Delaware,” Biden said. “It’s a small state. As a matter of fact, there has never been one.”

Of course, there have been senators from Delaware since the founding of the Republic. It’s an essential part of the Constitution that there are two from every state. Indeed, Joe Biden was one from 1973 to 2009. It’s bad when you don’t even seem to understand that, or what your job was for 36 years. That’s where we are with Joe Biden, at this point. The gaffes are so bad, that we’re left confounded that he can say some of the things he does. This has sparked a lot of 25th Amendment comments on Twitter in response.

Some postulated that perhaps he meant that there hadn’t been a president from Delaware before and just got confused. It’s consistent with how he has repeatedly referred to Kamala Harris as “President” on at least four occasions.

But where are any of the press in that room to correct him?

Does someone want to flag down that Ministry of Truth and fact-check Joe Biden on this one? At what point does this become enough that they start seriously talking 25th Amendment? I’m afraid it won’t be until after something very bad. As though this wasn’t bad enough.



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