Biden Trips Over His Teleprompter and Can't Get the Name of the Event He's Overseeing Straight

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden presented the Presidential Rank Awards to 230 winners from 37 federal agencies in a virtual ceremony on Monday.

The Presidential Rank Awards is an award given to civil service workers to recognize Senior Executive Service for exceptional performance over an extended period of time.


The Rank Award statute was later amended to extend eligibility to senior career employees with a sustained record of exceptional professional, technical and/or scientific achievement recognized on a national or international level. Two categories of Presidential Rank Award are available: distinguished rank recipients and meritorious rank recipients.

Distinguished rank recipients are recognized for their sustained extraordinary accomplishments. Only 1% receive this rank each year. They receive a cash award of 35% of their base salary.

Meritorious rank recipients are recognized for their sustained accomplishment. No more than 5% each year may receive this award. They receive a cash award of 20% of their base salary.

But Biden tripped over his teleprompter. He didn’t seem to be able to see or understand what he was reading — he didn’t even get the name of the award correct, and he’s the one overseeing the event.

“And that’s what public service is all about,” Biden said. “It’s that, uh, it’s uh, it’s that what the President Rank Award–s are all about.”


How do you not even know the name of the event you’re supposed to be holding? It’s so bad he didn’t even get it right reading it off the teleprompter.

When a reporter asked him at the end of the event if he planned to commemorate the one million dead from COVID, he just ignored the question and toddled off.

He ran on having a “plan” and kept saying he was doing things, yet more people have died under him than under President Donald Trump, and Biden has the benefit of the vaccine and treatments. Yet now, those facts are inconvenient for him, so he just blows off the question. But the media hasn’t held him accountable as they did President Donald Trump, even though he’s had far more advantages to deal with the problem in large measure because of the efforts made by Trump with vaccines.

And they wonder why Biden’s numbers are so bad? It isn’t the messaging, guys. It’s the messenger. Not to mention the very bad policies. When people keep seeing things like this, it’s upsetting. It makes people nervous because with Biden, they know things are in very unsteady and disturbed hands.


CNN’s Harry Enten described how bad it has gotten. He noted the huge drop in numbers from June 2021 among young people from 18-29 from 61 to 38 percent. There was a similar very bad drop with black voters — from 87 percent to 67 percent, a twenty-point drop.

Those are going to hurt badly in the midterms. Those voters who might normally vote Democrat are either going to flip to the GOP or just not come out. That spells doom for Democrats and Joe Biden is going to own a big part of that failure.


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