Biden's Earth Day Remarks Show Just How Much He Is Deteriorating

I wrote about how Joe Biden’s confusion and delusion went into overdrive when he was in Portland on Thursday.

But if it’s possible, I think it might even have been worse Friday in Seattle, during his Earth Day remarks.


First, we’ll note that it took Biden’s visit to do something about the homeless problem near the Westin Hotel where Biden was staying. Local media reported they removed two homeless camps nearby. According to the mayor’s office, the camps were cleared “to ensure safety” for Joe Biden.

Oh. How nice. It would be nice if they would care about the safety of the residents of Seattle, as the problem has burgeoned out of control. This is just a face-saving temporary measure, unfortunately, as the camps will likely be back.

But that was the good part. Then came Biden’s remarks.

He went into word salad on our “natural wonders.” But his word salad is different from that of Kamala Harris, because his brain seems to break mid-sentence, while she just goes on and on, saying essentially the same thing.

He went into that creepy, weird whispering thing, when talking about offshore windmills.

“I don’t want to hear about it anymore, you don’t like looking at them…They’re pretty,” he intoned.

Biden then claimed that they’d done something about methane emissions.


“At the, at the, the, uh…. big meeting we had in Europe.” He can’t even remember the name of the meeting he went to a couple of months ago. You know, the thing.

Then there are the “economic cubs” in the West.

I think he was trying to say “economic hubs” there but slurred his words, so it ran together. But, it’s always quite the adventure trying to interpret Joe Biden. One has to feel sorry for his sign language interpreter, when he has one working — that must be quite the challenge.

But guess what Biden promised? He’s going to make sure they “completely… start the process” to make sure that “every vehicle” in the military is “climate-friendly.”

This may be one of his dumbest comments yet. Does he even know what a military is supposed to be about? That you should be concentrated on ensuring that it can kill people and break things — as necessary to protect America. Is he going to ensure that we only have to go to war in places where they have charging stations for our electric tanks? Will the tank clean up the area after it takes out a building? You see how ridiculous it all is. The fact that seems to be a priority for him is madness. But he’s going to spend “billions” to get it done.


According to Joe, we Americans are bad and cut down our forests. But we’re in luck, because the “Bazillions” (translation: Brazilians) haven’t cut down their forests yet. He wants to pay them not to, and then calls them and African countries “third world.”

Oh, yes, that should go over well with Brazil. Not to mention, he’s just wrong — we’re the fourth highest in forest area by country. We haven’t cut all our forests down. Again, that’s a dumb comment.

Biden claimed that the air was so bad in his neighborhood when he grew up, that 80 percent of the people with whom he grew up had asthma.

Chances that that’s true? Zero to none. About the same that he was a truck driver. But he has a problem with numbers, which is why he didn’t know how long he’s been in office on Thursday in Portland.

Then he has another story about a little girl that has almost no chance of being true — except in the fertile imagination of Joe Biden.


But all this crisis with COVID has given them an “opportunity.” Most people think of it just as a negative, but for Biden and the Democrats, it’s an opportunity to grab power to get the political agenda that they want.

Now, let’s wrap up with what he said about the Republican Party because this is a real window into his problems and delusion.

“Forty-eight percent of my Democratic colleagues in the Senate vote with me 94 percent of the time,” Biden says. If that were true, he’d be in even worse trouble than he already is with his horrible policies. What is true is it’s more like 48 senators vote with him about 94 percent of the time. He doesn’t seem to understand the difference.

“This is the MAGA party now,” he said. “These guys are a different breed of cat.” It’s pretty hard to demonize MAGA, when it did so much better for the American people than Biden is doing now. What he’s upset about is that now he has people who will challenge the narrative, not just crumble and compromise. That’s bad for the Democrats who are used to that from Republicans.

But this is the new Democratic talking point to draft off the Jan. 6 committee nonsense — they have no achievements to run on, so they’re just going to demonize Republicans. Every time he says “not a joke” — that’s a ‘tell’ that a lie/something nonsensical is coming.


Biden claims he’s had Republicans come up to him and say they’d be with him on legislation, but they’re afraid they’d be primaried and lose their races. First, I believe that like I believe he drove an 18-wheeler. But let’s think about that for a minute. What he’s saying is that senators are saying they can’t vote for his policies because the people would vote them out. Um, Joe? Buy a clue. They’re telling you your policies are bad, and they don’t want you. But he doesn’t make that connection.

You have to wonder about Joe Biden’s family and why they continue to allow him to be embarrassed like this. Are the power and the money worth the deterioration, as it happens before our eyes? Not to mention the harm this is doing to the country?

How many out of his head comments can Joe have in one speech? He went for the record here.


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