White House Has Explanation for 'Bird Poop' on Biden: It Was Corn (Pop?)

White House Has Explanation for 'Bird Poop' on Biden: It Was Corn (Pop?)
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I reported earlier about Joe Biden’s remarks in Menlo, Iowa. Biden announced that he would be lifting the restrictions on E15 blend — an ethanol blend — during the summer to allow that to help buttress the supply of fuel. He’s still not announcing anything long-term like lifting restrictions on drilling that would truly help the situation and drop the gas prices.

Biden tried to blame “70 percent of the increase” in the inflation number that we saw announced in the Consumer Price Index on Tuesday on “Putin’s Price hike.”

Let’s note just how long inflation has been going on and how wrong the Biden Administration has gotten it right down the line.

But Joe Biden would tell us to ignore the evidence of our own lives and how much Bidenflation has been taking out of our bank accounts — by some counts, more than $400 extra a month for some people.

Even Biden seemed like Biden didn’t believe himself. He said even he was “bored” with what he was saying.

Perhaps one of the things that most summed up the remarks was when Biden appeared to get hit with bird poop during the remarks on his left shoulder.

But the White House had an explanation: it wasn’t a bird — it was corn.

We may just have found Corn pop-ping near Joe Biden.

As it turns out, the White House may finally have told the truth about something.

Here’s what was going on right next to Joe, the corn was flying around.

What’s funny in all this, too, is that Biden is calling for more ethanol as corn is spiking and we may be heading into food shortages as well, where the corn might be needed for food and feed. So that might not be the best move in addition to it not being the best fuel.

It didn’t go over well with some people like Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who thought the move was very shortsighted on the part of Biden.

It is shortsighted when he has far more options to lift restrictions and allow more drilling. He just doesn’t want to go in that direction and offend his support on the left. But that’s Biden — there isn’t a lot of coherence or sense in his policies.

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