Prepare for the Democratic Tears in November - the Meltdown Is Going to Be Glorious

There are a lot of indicators that the November midterms are going to be a big red wave for the Republicans.

From the November wins in Virginia to the historic win this week of the first Republican county executive in decades in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, a lot of things are trending toward the Republicans.


People are largely fed up with Joe Biden and the Democrats according to virtually every poll, with numbers in the basement. The polls are also indicating that Americans are trending toward Republicans leading in their choice for Congress.

Now there’s some more bad news for Democrats and it’s a very big sign.

Republicans in Pennsylvania are registering former Democrats at four times the rate that Democrats are doing the opposite conversion. One of the big things animating the switch? Upset with Biden, inflation, and violent crime.

“I just got fed up and just felt like there has to be a better way,” said Beth Jones, 48, a retired Philadelphia police officer who last month registered as a Republican, ending her three-decade affiliation with the Democratic Party.

It isn’t only in Pennsylvania.

Reuters examined registration data in six states that could see tight U.S. Senate races in November and which generally require voters to be members of a party to participate in nominating contests. While each state tracks voter registration differently, the review pointed to Republican gains in four of those states, and no substantial difference in two of them. [….]

In North Carolina, where a tight Senate race is expected due to the retirement of Republican Senator Richard Burr, Republicans so far this year have picked up three Democratic converts for every voter that Democrats have poached, according to state election board data. Throughout 2021, the Republican advantage was about half that.

In Florida and Nevada, the numbers of registered Republicans rose in the first few months of the year while the ranks of Democrats declined modestly.


But the biggest jump is in Pennsylvania. It may be the highest in a decade, with the GOP doing far better than in 2016 when the Republicans won the White House as well as the House and Senate. Republicans are even picking up voters in places like Philadephia — a Democratic bastion — 1,315 Democrats in the city have applied to change their registration to Republican, more than four times the number of Republicans flipping to Democrat.

But Calvin Tucker, deputy chair for the Pennsylvania Republican Party, said the gains point towards a strong showing for the party.

Speaking from the party’s recently opened office in northwest Philadelphia, Tucker estimated that petition drives and other efforts to engage with Black and other traditionally “underserved communities” in the city had yielded more than 100 converts or newly registered Republicans so far this year.

“It is a citywide outreach,” Tucker said. “We will do canvassing, knocking on doors, standing on corners, and talking to citizens and neighbors about who we are and what we are trying to achieve.”

But it’s not just the economy. It’s the radical leftist nature of the Democratic party as well — it’s the embrace of things like BLM, CRT, and the woke agenda. Americans look at all this and say this just isn’t the party I thought I signed up for. Americans see that it’s Democrats who want to up-end all the norms. It’s one of the things that helped Glenn Youngkin win the race for Governor in Virginia in November and Samantha Kerkman win Kenosha County Executive this week. Americans are about to do a course correction against the radical and the registrations are a big indication of the wave that is coming.


Democrats are going to have a meltdown when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is booted from the Speakership, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) loses the chair of the Intel Committee, the Republicans take over, stop the Biden agenda and bring back a little justice on the Russia collusion smear as well as the Biden scandal. It’s going to be glorious.


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