Larry Sabato Dejectedly Sums up Dem Failure in Virginia: 'It's a Bloodbath'

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Liberal media and Democrats are melting down tonight with the apparent win of Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor’s race and what might be a sweep, with the Lt. Governor spot and the Attorney General as well.


DDHQ has now projected Republican Winsome Sears the winner over Democrat Hala Ayala for the Lieutenant Governor’s spot and Dave Wasserman just called it for Jason Miyares for Attorney General so that looks like a clean sweep for the two other spots.

There’s a lot of rumbling as to the House seats as well, that’s not looking good for Democrats.

This is definitely looking like a Republican rout of the Democrats if this holds at this point, so just take the time and savor that for the moment.

And here’s another little moment of sweetness.

We told you how Larry Sabato was freaking out yesterday regarding the possibility that Youngkin might win and had this totally garbage take: that if Youngkin won it was all about “white” backlash, claiming Critical Race Theory isn’t taught there, treating parents as though they were insane.


Sure, they vote for the Republican Black Lt. Governor and the Hispanic Attorney General because they’re so concerned about “whiteness.” That makes sense. Not. These people are insane. It’s the Democrats who are completely focused on race; it’s guys like Sabato who are completely fixated.

What they can’t deal with is that the parents don’t like someone who tells them they don’t have a right to have a say in their kid’s education. They don’t like Democrats destroying their kids’ in-person education. They got a glimpse into the classroom during the pandemic and didn’t like what they saw.


So today, it was sweet to see how shell-shocked Sabato was on Rachel Maddow. Maddow asked what he thought, Sabato almost choked. In a word, Sabato admitted, one of the people high up in the McAuliffe campaign called it what it was — a “bloodbath.”

How sweet it is. And if this in fact a bellwether on Joe Biden and looking forward to 2022, the Democrats have to be tearing their hair out tonight.


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