WH Reason for Not Cutting Russia off, Increasing US Oil Production Is Head-Spinning

We’ve seen the Biden Administration give ridiculous and inexplicable responses to why they can’t at least work on divesting from Russian oil and returning the country to being more energy independent, as we were under President Donald Trump.


But the performance of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday in response to a grilling from reporters on the subject was a mess of b.s.

As we’ve previously noted, we may be closing in on $5 gas coming in the next two weeks, according to Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

The current national average price of gas is $3.61 a gallon, up 26 cents from February and roughly a dollar from a year ago, according to data from AAA. In U.S. states with the priciest fuel, motorists already are paying nearly $4.50 a gallon, according to price tracker GasBuddy.

The only thing the Biden team has indicated they would do was to release more from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. They’d just keep pilfering the savings account. But what they released only covers about a day-and-a-half of what the U.S. normally would use anyway. It doesn’t solve the long-term question.

So, reporters pressed Psaki on what Biden was going to do.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked about increasing domestic production. Psaki acted as though the Biden team hadn’t taken the anti-energy positions they have — including preventing drilling on federal lands, stopping the Willow Project in Alaska, or the Keystone XL pipeline. She tried to suggest the issue was one of the oil companies just refusing to drill (as though that even makes any sense at all). This took a lot of gall.


She claimed the Keystone pipeline “wasn’t operational.” Um, yes, because you stopped it? That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be built and further increase America’s energy position over the long term, and provide jobs in the meantime. This is actively working against America’s best interests. Heinrich asked: so, we should then just continue to buy Russian oil?

Psaki deflects to the fallback position: well, we should be cutting ourselves free from oil anyway (our production, just not Russia’s, apparently). Imagine if President Donald Trump had something like this — they’d already be racking up for more impeachment theater.

Heinrich asks if we’re buying Russian oil, aren’t we financing the war? Psaki’s response? It’s only about “10 percent of what we are importing.” So, the answer is yes, we are financing it — although she refused to say that. What a ridiculous answer. As I’ve already said, this dependence is dangerous to our national security, and Biden has increased it because of their crazy desire to cut our own production ability.


Psaki then capped it off with something that had to make heads spin. That cutting Putin off could make him richer.

No, cutting him off wouldn’t make him richer. But if you argue that reducing the supply would make Putin richer, then why are you reducing American energy production? Aren’t you making Russia richer by doing so? Hey, Jacqui Heinrich, ask Psaki that question. I’d love to know her response.


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