WH Tries to Clean up After Biden's Addled Sanctions Comments, but Only Makes It Worse

As we reported on Thursday, Joe Biden claimed that “no one expected” sanctions to prevent Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine.


That flew in the face of everything that his team – including Kamala Harris – had been saying for the past month — that the threat of sanctions was the best approach to deterring Putin. Biden refused to even put any preemptive sanctions in place, and we see how that has worked. But on Thursday, he was backpedaling, saying that it never would have stopped him to begin with. It’s embarrassing that these people are our ‘leaders.’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was then asked about it in a subsequent briefing. She had to play clean up after the addled one.

“That isn’t exactly what he meant,” she scrambled. It is what he said. So, why does she always have to clean up for him and explain “exactly what he meant”? The problem is that he never knows what he is saying. His policy seems always to be to make the worst possible choice for America, which is why he’s been wrong for 40 years.

As noted, Biden also told the reporters should come back in 30 days to see how the sanctions would work. In a month, Ukraine could be wiped out. Can you imagine Biden saying wait a month? But that’s what he said. That’s how what an unreal approach he has on this subject.


As we reported on Thursday, they even admitted that the sanctions weren’t designed to affect Russia’s oil and gas production. Why? Because Germany made the EU reliant on Russian oil. That’s what has inhibited their ability to hold Russia to account, something I noted previously was called out by President Donald Trump. Trump warned it made no sense, and they were endangering the alliance with this action.

What was Biden’s response to that concern? He not only didn’t call out Germany and the rest as Trump did, he increased the U.S. dependence on Russian oil, making us more reliant and putting Americans more in the position of being hurt if we had to respond to Russian aggression. We are now importing 595,000 barrels of Russian oil per day. So, not only aren’t we stopping Putin, we’re making him rich and cutting our energy production as well, when we can be independent and even selling oil to Europe to free them from the Russian addiction.


Psaki was asked an important question by Fox’s Peter Doocy on Thursday. Now that we have this situation, is Biden going to do anything to increase our energy independence and lift restrictions on our energy production? The answer is still no, even with the evidence of how this puts us and our allies at risk.

Her response is: we anticipate the war will affect the market. Yes, but what are you going to do about it? Absolutely nothing.


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