Biden Supporter Makes Trouble at Trump Rally, but She Immediately Has Cause to Regret It

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

President Donald Trump was in classic form last night, taking down Joe Biden and all his failures during his rally in Florence, Arizona.

Trump had a massive crowd of supporters come out, with the cars trying to get into the area for the rally reportedly backed up for miles.


Joe Biden did manage to get one supporter out there. Not much for 81 million votes. However, he may have wished he didn’t have this woman who was wearing a Biden shirt, but who ended up being cuffed by the police. The unhinged left flipped out about her arrest/detention.

The “Patriot Takes” Twitter account which claims to be partnered with the anti-GOP operatives Meidas Touch, naturally spread the falsehood that the woman was arrested for “saying things they didn’t like.”

Sorry, police don’t generally arrest you or detain you for that — and that doesn’t appear close to the reality here.

That account was essentially attacking the police, implicitly claiming a wrongful arrest without even knowing the facts as to why she was cuffed because they’re partisan against Trump. Not exactly being supportive of the police there.

Raw Story spread similar nonsense, saying she was arrested for being “disruptive” and “heckling” a reporter. She certainly was disruptive and heckling. But they didn’t know why she was arrested. So much for journalism.


Is it any wonder that folks on the left are often so easily manipulated by false information like this? Is it any wonder they fall for and promote ridiculous conspiracy theories like Russia collusion and their most recent idiocy, the false claim that Tom Cotton fell for a Russian letter in promoting the idea to acquire Greenland?

So, here are some further clues that it might not have been for more than “saying things they didn’t like.”

She was walking around, trying to incite the crowd and get a reaction, while a security guy followed her, trying to prevent things from getting out of hand. Someone took her sign, but then in response, she swiped a sign from a booth. She then insisted to the security guard that she wouldn’t give the sign she swiped back until he got her the other sign back, as she held the swiped sign between her legs. She kept insisting she had a “First Amendment right.”

But you don’t have a First Amendment right to swipe a sign and you don’t have a First Amendment right to disturb the peace. She needs a lesson in the Constitution. She then went over the line and threatened to punch the security guard. That’s when he signaled to the police. It didn’t end well for her.


Give that security guy a raise, after having to deal with that unhinged and entitled woman. So, here’s a clue for her — yes, even if you buy a ticket for virtually any event, if you disturb the peace, you can get tossed; and if you threaten people, you may find yourself in trouble. The First Amendment doesn’t cover any of that. And here’s a clue for the liberals: maybe you can try to get your facts straight? I know it’s an issue with you guys, but try.


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