Ron Klain Infuriatingly Turns the COVID Narrative on Its Head

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How do you know when the narrative on COVID is changing drastically when it comes to Joe Biden and the Democrats?

All we have to do is look at the Twitter account of Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, the alleged power behind the throne, and you know something different is afoot. He shared something that would have had liberals excoriating him a short while ago and might even have gotten him suspended from Twitter.


Klain retweeted a segment of MSNBC host Chris Haye’s show during which he compared the Omicron wave for the vaccinated to the flu. Hayes said that while the flu can still be dangerous, “we do not reorient our lives around the flu.”

This, from the administration that has spent the past year completely trying to reorient our lives around COVID, which is willing to throw all kinds of people out of work by pushing crushing mandates. This, despite there being shortages in a variety of critical industries.

Hayes said the risk was less for the people who were vaccinated and not otherwise immunocompromised or afflicted with serious medical conditions.

‘But for the people who don’t fall into that category – we’re talking about 150 million people maybe or more. Those people who are vaccinated particularly those who are boosted, you know, the risk, the personal risk of being exposed to this went from something that we hadn’t really dealt with specifically like this before in our lifetimes – We haven’t quite had an illness, this infectious, and it’s possible to cause serious illness – to something that does look more like the flu,’ he said.

‘And the flu, of course, can still be dangerous – kills tens of 1000s of Americans every year, but we don’t orient our lives around the flu. So that’s closer to the level of risk that you know, 200 million Americans are less than that are now dealing with,’ Hayes continued.


Gee, ya think? Welcome to the party called reality, Chris Hayes and Ron Klain, and to what folks on the right have been saying for months. It should always have been about protecting those most at risk and not locking everyone down. But the Democrats were too busy pushing fear porn. How infuriating is Klain’s retweet at this point?

Just a reminder of how wrong they were before, from Ron Klain on how they dealt with the swine flu.

They were still doing everything wrong, even now, with this pandemic.

So, what is this sudden turning of the narrative on its head from the Biden team about? In addition to this, they’re cutting the isolation times for COVID from 10 days to five and saying don’t do the PCR test to determine if you are no longer contagious to leave isolation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said they did it because society couldn’t just grind to a halt. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said the change was about what people would “tolerate.” They didn’t seem to care about that before, so why do they suddenly care about that now? Is it surrendering, finally getting that they can’t stop it? Is it that the “good people” (translate: the Democrats and liberal media) are now getting it and don’t want to be restricted? And/or is it the economy is already in difficulty under Biden and that sticking to the original rules would make the economy worse and that would hurt Biden?


Perhaps a combination of all of the above. But it isn’t just about the “science” and balancing realities. Because if it had been, they would have done that months ago.


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