Cringe: Texas Dem Flaunts Christmas Gift He Got in the Cult of Fauci

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For some on the left, their reaction to COVID is something of a religion. Promoting masks and boasting about being vaccinated as well as boosted on social media is an article of faith, even if the cloth masks don’t provide the full protection they think they do. The masks show the necessary virtue-signaling and the person’s ideological purity.


That’s how you get some folks like the lady who punched the man on a Delta flight for not wearing a mask — even though her mask was hanging around her chin. It doesn’t have to make sense — all it needs is the fervor and the devotion to the cause.

But every cult has its holy and revered figures. For the COVID-ists, that’s Saint Anthony Fauci. One must follow with slavish attention all he says, whether it makes sense or not… or whether it contradicts what he’s said before or not.

In case you think I am kidding about it, they’re promoting action figures of him.

Here’s Democratic state representative James Talarico bragging about getting one for Christmas.

Can we say cringe with a capital “C” for this? And cult? How any 32-year-old man would welcome such a present is beyond me — although I suppose it’s better than giving it to kids for indoctrination purposes. I’m not sure for whom such a thing would be appropriate. Do you pull its string and it pumps out propaganda? Do they have the gain of function research included in the box? How about accompanying abused puppies as accessories?

Does this count as a graven image? It sure looks like it. And it’s a little concerning when it’s someone who’s supposed to be representing Americans involved in such cult worship. What wouldn’t they do, if Fauci told them to do it? Who could ever vote for someone who thinks this way? Can we call it herd stupidity?


Amazon describes Fauci as “America’s Favorite Immunologist” and touts him for “standing up to Trump and sticking around for helping us through the pandemic.” It even costs $24.99. On the side of the box, it has the COVID-ist religious slogan – “Trust the science.” Remember, Fauci IS the science and you are not allowed to question him.

The doll is supposed to be for ages 14 and over. Kids younger than that can get jabbed now with the vaccine, but you have to be older to be able to handle the worship object. Funny how that works.

Now, Talarico was one of the runaway Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C., so there wouldn’t be a quorum to prevent Republicans from passing an election integrity bill and to attack the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. Talarico claimed they were fighting voter suppression but when asked couldn’t list anyone who was being denied the right to vote. They not only failed spectacularly because they had to come back and the bill passed anyway, but in the process, several of their members got COVID and may have spread it to other people in the process. They showed how they were more concerned with pushing their political point than they were about spreading the virus.


Now, I should note that they don’t just have a St. Fauci doll; they also have more in the series of liberal action figures including Joe Biden, Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Pope Francis, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So, if one liberal worship figure isn’t enough, you can collect more.


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