Christmas Grinch: Woman Attacks Man on Delta Flight for Not Having Mask On

Woman attacks man on Delta flight. Credit: ATL Uncensored/Twitter screenshot

One of the more troubling things that the media and the folks on the left have done with the pandemic is truly driven some people mad with the fear porn.

The fear has caused some not to leave their house for two years or to skip normal contact with people. It’s prompting some folks to crowd emergency rooms now in places like Vermont — despite being completely asymptomatic.


It’s driven some people stark raving mad, for a virus that is very survivable for most people. It’s prompted some to live in another pandemic — a pandemic of constant fear to which the government willfully contributes, as it seeks to control people’s actions.

For example, a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday. Now, we start with the basic principle that some people were not well before the pandemic. But some have certainly been driven over the edge over the issue of masks.

Here, you can see this woman playing the Christmas Grinch, screaming in an older man’s face about not having his mask on. Yet all the while that she’s screaming at him to put his mask up, she has her mask down. He tries to tell her that he’s eating, but she isn’t absorbing any of it as she yells in his face. It turns bad when he calls her a name and terms her a “Karen.”

Warning for graphic language:

You can see another angle here.

After he calls her a name that rhymes with “which” and follows it up by also terming her a “Karen,” she smacks him right in the side of the face. She then spits on him and even scratches him with her fingernails, dragging them across his face.

All this time, the flight attendants are trying to do what they can to intervene to stop her. A female attendant grabs her and tries to move her away, while the male flight attendant pushes a cart at her and grabs her hand to stop her from continuing to assault the man. There’s a classic line for sure, “Sit down, Karen, you’re going to jail,” according to View from the Wing.


Her mania doesn’t make a lot of sense. If she felt threatened by the man for not wearing a mask, why is she not wearing her mask up on her face herself? The whole time, the mask is sitting on her chin. And then, why is she getting so close to him and then hitting him? Not exactly the best way to avoid getting a virus if that were her concern. Now, she looked like she was a bit out of it and perhaps she was indulging in adult libations. But it didn’t make a lot of sense, that’s for sure.

But whatever was going on with her, she paid the price for trying to be a Karen and attacking the guy. According to View from the Wing, several police officers met the plane when it landed, so she likely had to pay the piper for her actions.


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