Biden 'Asymptomatic' as He Coughs Through Big Speech on COVID and Snaps at Reporters

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We reported earlier about the speech Joe Biden would make today and what it was likely to cover.

But when he finally gave his remarks today, it was bad. He was coughing throughout his remarks.


White House Press Psaki Jen Psaki told reporters he was “asymptomatic” after having been exposed to a staffer who had COVID but he’s continued his regular schedule after only having one negative test. “He’s asymptomatic. I spent several hours with him this morning and he is feeling great,” she said. He’s supposed to get another test tomorrow. That made a lot of people think he was positive because you usually don’t use the term “asymptomatic” unless the person is positive, but Psaki subsequently denied it.

But despite all that, he didn’t adhere to his own promoted rules — not wearing the mask as he then left the room, despite not yet having the second test. And I don’t know about you, but for someone who is “asymptomatic,” he surely was coughing a lot — even more than usual.

Then there was this moment of confusion when Biden said the government was going to send out “one-half billion” free tests. One-half billion tests = 500 million, guys, (for the Build Back Better propaganda Twitter account who doesn’t understand numbers).


That doesn’t exactly make you trust the rest of their propaganda when they don’t even understand that much.

Biden admitted he “wasn’t supposed to be having this press conference” when he took a few questions from reporters after his remarks, again showing that his people don’t want him answering questions.

But then he snapped and laughed at reporter Yamiche Alcindor when she asked him what took so long to get the tests together. Not a good look. Alcindor’s question was a good one. If he thinks that tests are so important or helpful now, why didn’t they send them out before? Two weeks ago, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki even mocked such a thought.

Why, suddenly, do they want to pretend like this would be some kind of life-changing move now? And if it is so important, the virus has been going on now for 18 months, why are they only getting to this now? It’s almost as if they are doing it now so they can say they did something concrete against the variant.


Biden also flew into a rage when he was talking about prices for insulin as part of his Build Back Better bill without any explainable reason for the rage. He seemed completely confused as to the prices and calls it a “vaccine” at one point.

My colleague Jennifer Van Laar also noted some of the lies within his remarks. If Biden thought that his remarks were going to convince anyone to change their position on the vaccine, that’s not likely, particularly not when he continues to approach the question in such a confused fashion.


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