New Measure Shows Just How Unpopular Joe Biden Is

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Joe Biden had hoped that the passage of the infrastructure bill might help his cratering poll numbers.

Yet even after it passed in the House, his poll numbers were still in the basement. Indeed, Biden hit a new low at 36 percent approval, with disapproval of 53 percent, in a Quinnipiac poll a little over a week ago. Talk about low. We joked about the single-digit approval that he got from a man in Nantucket. The Quinnipiac poll also indicated good news for the Republican Party, as the midterms approach.


From Fox News:

By a 46%-38% margin, those questioned in the poll said they would want to see the Republican Party win control of the House if the midterms were held today, with 16% not offering an opinion. And by a 46%-40% margin, those surveyed said they’d like to see the GOP win the Senate majority, with 15% not offering an opinion.

“An ominous double whammy for the Democrats with midterms less than a year out. The Senate and the House will be up for grabs and voters want the GOP to win the jump ball,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy emphasized.

If that holds, Biden isn’t going to be able to hide behind a Democratic House to help cover his mistakes, come 2022.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another recent indicator of how unpopular Joe Biden is and how much better Republicans are doing than Democrats nationally. That’s the Morning Consult poll on who are the most popular governors in the country.

Of the top 10 governors, only one is a Democrat, Ned Lamont of Connecticut. Nine of the 10 are Republicans, including the most popular — Phil Scott of Vermont — with a 79 percent approval rating.


From Fox News:

The list of governors in order of popularity in order from one to 10 includes: Scott, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Larry Hogan of Maryland, Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, Mark Gordon of Wyoming, Jim Justice of West Virginia, Lamont, Kay Ivey of Alabama, Mike DeWine of Ohio, and Spencer Cox of Utah.

The least popular governor was the execrable Kate Brown of Oregon, at 43 percent popularity. That’s pretty low. But Brown is still six points ahead of Joe Biden, which means that Joe Biden is less popular — by several points — than the least popular governor in America. That says a lot, with how much people dislike Joe Biden, when he’s lower than Kate Brown.

Just so we understand what that means, this is who Joe Biden is less popular than.

That was real and not a Photoshop, by the way; she shared it last year as part of a post about ugly masks.

So, one has to wonder if there really is a bottom when it comes to Biden’s approval numbers because he doesn’t seem to be able to bring up his numbers. Of course, that might also be because he doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right. Those two things tend to go together. Yet, Biden thinks he’s going to run again? I’m not even sure he’s going to make it to the end of his term, the way everything he touches goes wrong.



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