Waukesha Attack: People Asked to 'Shelter in Place,' Power Outage in Area, Report on Suspect

SUV hits Christmas parade in Waukesha. Credit: screenshot, Benny Johnson/Twitter

We reported earlier about what appears to be a horrible attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The horrifying video shows a red van just running right through a marching band, as well as, reportedly, a dance group of kids and a group called the Dancing Grannies.


It’s a mass casualty incident, with people left wounded in the street. There are, reportedly, at least 20 people who were wounded

Now, there are reports that people in the area are being asked to “shelter in place,” which would suggest that there is still a danger, despite reports that there was a suspect in custody.

Fox News is also reporting some form of a blackout in the area, it’s not clear why or how much of it is affected.


An alleged witness report that was on a local TV station reported the man driving was black and had dreadlocks, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

As details on this story continue to break, RedState will bring you coverage as it becomes available.


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