UPDATE: Horrific Video Shows Car Driving Through Parade in Wisconsin, Suspect Reportedly in Custody

Car plows into parade in Waukesha, WI. Credit: Screenshot, @TaylorLumpkinTV/Twitter

As RedState reported earlier, an SUV drove through a children’s parade this evening in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Initial reports have been sparse, but we are learning more details, including the release of multiple videos showing the moment it happened.

It is abundantly clear that this was no accident.

(WARNING: Though grainy, viewer discretion is still advised)

If you are choosing not to watch the video (and I wouldn’t blame you), what you see is a red SUV driving at a high speed into the center of the parade. The vehicle first hits what looks to be a more sparsely occupied group of marching band members, before accelerating into a much denser group of people, reportedly containing a children’s dance group.

Some eyewitnesses and family members are giving updates as to what they saw or are being told happened.

The car that was involved has been located, and a suspect is reportedly in custody. Other reports claim shots rang out, though, that could have been from the police who were chasing the SUV before it hit the crowd.

This is a very fluid situation, and RedState will be here all evening to provide updates as they come in. Lastly, spare a moment to say a prayer for the victims. This is a horrific, tragic situation.

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