Poll Showing Historic Lead by GOP Signals Huge Red Wave Ahead

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Since August, when the debacle in Afghanistan ripped away the veil and enabled many to see the real Joe Biden — not through an approving media filter — we’ve seen a cratering of his approval across the board on all major issues. Media may have been able to spin up until that point but once Americans saw how incompetent he was, how he lied about everything, and most importantly, left Americans and Afghan allies behind — many of whom are still there — it wasn’t something they could unsee and it opened many eyes about the “experience” of Joe Biden.


That may be behind the reason that some long-time Democrats in Congress — like Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) — are choosing now to pack it in. Yes, we should take the time to cheer the exit of the execrable Leahy, who had afflicted us in the Senate since 1974. About the same amount of time that we’ve had to put up with Joe Biden. It’s long since time that they both go into retirement.

We also just found out today that a big buddy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is going to retire — Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA). So far 15 have retired and more are likely to follow with announcements after the holidays.

On top of that, you have the new polls showing how the public is viewing Democrats and Republicans.

Not only is it not looking good for the Democratic possibilities in the midterms, the polls are already historic.

From Washington Examiner:

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey just out said likely voters favor Republicans over Democrats by 13 points, 51%-38%. The survey found that Democrats are only favored over Republicans among younger voters, black people, Democrats, and liberals.

However, there is a huge 20-point gap among independents who would choose a generic Republican over a generic Democrat by a margin of 48%-26%.

While the questioning is a bit different in the new Rasmussen survey than in past years, the gap is apparently historic and even stronger because the latest survey offered the alternatives of “some other candidate” and “not sure,” said the polling outfit.


We pointed out polls showed voters favoring Republicans over Democrats here and here.

The National Republican Campaign Committee had a survey that also further supported this.

“Among these economy-focused voters, a generic Republican leads a generic Democrat by a 2:1 margin (58%-29%). When it comes to border security, Republicans hold an astonishing 83-point advantage, 87% Republican to 4% Democrat,” said the memo, posted below.

So what does that mean for the midterms? Newt Gingrich, who probably knows more than most about how to successfully take back the House after the wave win he led in 1994, is making a bold prediction about the possibilities after the results of the recent elections. Gingrich believes that the Republicans could pick up 40-70 seats in the House and at least a four-seat gain in the Senate.

Gingrich said:

“I believe an immediate, consistent, and effective Republican application of the lessons of 2021 could lead to a 40- to 70-seat gain in the House; at least a four-seat gain in the Senate; and gains in governorships, state legislatures, and local offices including school boards next year.”

If they can do that with a lot of the right people, then they can blunt some of the damage the Biden team can do as well as do more to hold him to account. Indeed, it’s truly vital, especially after we see the trajectory along the radical path and government seizure of power Democrats have taken over the past year. So this is a very positive assessment that not only can we take back Congress, but we might do it with a historic wave that could help hold it for some time.



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