McAuliffe Campaign Now in More Trouble Over Accusations Involving Racist Tweets

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Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign just can’t seem to stop imploding.

I thought that McAuliffe saying, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” was basically the stake through the heart of his campaign.


But McAuliffe and his campaign haven’t stopped stepping in it ever since. All this has been having a big impact on the campaign with a new Fox poll finding the Youngkin is eight percent ahead of McAuliffe with likely voters after being in basically the opposite position just two weeks ago because Youngkin has burst ahead in the numbers and McAuliffe has collapsed.

McAuliffe also created a stir when he hired the Elias Law Group because Marc Elias is known for representing people contesting elections. That seemed to indicate that he knew his campaign was in trouble. Fox wrote a story about it and asked the McAuliffe campaign for further comment. Then one of his campaign communications people accidentally sent Fox an email revealing the effort to kill their story.

Then, yesterday, people supporting McAuliffe got busted trying to run a fake ‘white supremacist’ smear against Glenn Youngkin. They had people holding tiki torches to imitate the tiki torch bearers who marched in Charlottesville in 2017. The Lincoln Project has taken the blame for the smear, but it remains to be seen if they actually were involved. They’re so desperate for attention at this point and Democrats are anxious to run away from this incident at all due speed.

But as if that weren’t enough, now, there are accusations that a spokesperson for McAuliffe’s campaign, Renzo Olivari, posted racist tweets in 2012.


“#ThingsBlackFolksNeverThrowAway broken lamps,” one tweet said. Another said, “#TweetLikeAGuy going out with da nigguhs.”

Fox saw the tweets and confirmed that they were real before they were deleted from Olivari’s account. Olivari has also previously worked for the Kamala Harris For the People as Nevada press secretary and as Virginia Communications Director for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to his LinkedIn page.

McAuliffe’s campaign keeps accusing Youngkin of “dog whistles” but it appears to be his supporters who tried to perpetrate a white supremacist hoax against Youngkin. Now this news about his spokesperson. Looks like it isn’t Youngkin, but it’s McAuliffe who needs to clean up his own house. There’s no doubt that had this been Youngkin’s campaign these allegations would be all over the network news. But they wouldn’t get the same attention involving a Democrat. These new revelations over the past day are going to deal McAuliffe’s campaign another blow, the only question is how much.


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