Amazing: 'F Joe Biden' Just Made It to the ALCS

Amazing: 'F Joe Biden' Just Made It to the ALCS
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We’ve seen the “F**k Joe Biden” chant erupt all over the country and it’s even gone international, making it to a massive anti-vaccine passport protest in Rome. It’s become the chant of those protesting mandates including in NYC and the Boeing protest in Washington state.

It’s become so popular, it spun off its own more acceptable, “Let’s go, Brandon,” which not only takes on Biden in nicer language but skewers the media. NBC’s Kelli Stavast, when faced with an obvious “F**k Joe Biden” chant at a NASCAR race, claimed that the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” for NASCAR winner of the race, Brandon Brown. So people then turned it back on the media by adopting it and making it a polite way of saying the more ribald Biden chant.

That’s become another viral meme now as well, joining the “F**k Joe Biden” chant. “Let’s go, Brandon” has made it into the sky as a banner at an Auburn football game and at a Trump rally. “Let’s go, Brandon” has been paged at O’Hare Airport. It’s even made it into a song that’s topping the iTunes charts now.

But the FJB movement scored another achievement Tuesday night: making it to the ALCS post-game show between the Houston Astros and the Red Sox, live on Fox.

The Red Sox crowd was pretty rowdy outside Fenway Park, chanting against Fox pundit Alex Rodriguez for his time with the Yankees. They chanted “Yankees suck” and “J-Lo” mocking him over his break-up with Jennifer Lopez several months ago.

But then they followed that up with some full-throated “F**k Joe Biden” chants that were not bleeped from the network broadcast.

Burke, who’s written for The Daily Beast, seemed a tad miffed that they didn’t bleep out the chant, although they were filming outside.

Now this is pretty funny, but it’s also a sign, even if Joe Biden doesn’t get it and maybe the folks on the left and folks like Burke should be considering why people are chanting this across the country.

Biden won Massachusetts by a lot. Yet, here you go, having folks just chanting this now with abandon. Even in a deep blue state like Massachusetts, the dissent is growing. We’ve seen Biden hit an incredible low in the polls with Zogby’s job performance approval number being only 36.4%, while his negative rating was at 61% among likely voters. His ratings among independents have absolutely cratered with only 28% approval among independents and he’s even underwater in 40 states according to another poll, including his own state of Delaware.

As I’ve noted, we know it’s affecting him because he’s mentioned people with the “F**k Joe Biden” signs, arguing how popular he is because of his “81 million” votes.

Unfortunately Joe doesn’t seem to get why they’re chanting at him and he doesn’t seem to be inclined to actually cure any of the problems that caused them to chant in the first place. So expect his cratering and the chanting to continue.

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