Here's Your Laugh for the Day: Media Has Figured out Why Biden's Polls Are Cratering

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Liberal media engages in a lot of delusional behavior, as we’ve seen over time.

But we have a good one for your laugh of the day, if you need one.

One publication has now figured out why Joe Biden’s polls are cratering. It isn’t because everything he touches blows up on him from his bad decisions on the border to Afghanistan. It isn’t because he doesn’t understand the economy, and his polices have made it worse.


It’s all because of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), according to the New Republic.

Warning: contains coarse language

Enough, Kyrsten Sinema. Enough of this self-infatuated preening. Enough of helping to drive down President Biden’s poll numbers. Enough of derailing what should have been—what still can and I believe will be, although thanks to the Arizona senator and some others, not on quite the level it could have been—a great moment in this country’s history. Enough, enough, enough. Liberal America, Democratic America, indeed sensible America transcending ideology and party, is sick of you. [….]

One of the best historic indicators of midterm election results is the president’s approval rating at the time. Biden has sunk to the mid- to low 40s, and while most of it is probably Delta variant–related, some of it surely has to do with the fact that he hasn’t had a W since March (the Covid relief bill). If Democrats had avoided this sh*tshow and passed these two bills right after Labor Day, as they should have, Biden would be up around 50 and people would be talking very differently about his and his party’s posture heading into the midterms. Yes, there’s still time, but this entire mess was avoidable, and it has done damage that can’t be undone.


Who writes these things, and what kind of medication are they on? That’s pretty hilarious — except when you realize the person is serious and so deluded.

First, a reminder on this demonization of Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) that the left keeps engaging in. It isn’t just those two folks objecting. There are other moderates, as well as presumably, about 50 Republican senators. You know, the majority that have issues with Biden’s profligate spending bonanza. So no, America isn’t “sick” of her position; they actually welcome it to stop the craziness inherent in the bill. Sorry, you’re not getting that “great [socialist] moment in history.” At least, not yet.

Second, Biden is fully responsible for his polls dropping like a stone. Notice what the New Republic doesn’t acknowledge. One of the biggest precipitators of the drop in approval was the debacle he made of the Afghanistan withdrawal, getting Americans killed and leaving Americans and Afghan allies behind. It was after that that the polls dropped, not surprisingly. That seemed to open the eyes of many independents – the folks responsible for much of the drop in Biden’s approval polling.


The New Republic also fails to note the polls have gone down to 38% approval with 53% disapproval in the recent Quinnipiac poll. There’s even one poll that has him underwater in 40 states. One of the biggest things that the polls are indicating is a concern about his competence and mental stability. Sorry, guys at the New Republic — he earned it all on his own.

Strangely enough, none of the people list Sinema as a reason for their disapproval of Biden in the polls.


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