Joe Biden's Latest Approval Rating Would Make George W. Bush Blush

Chip Somodevilla/Pool Photo via AP

The truest adage in politics is that things can always get worse. And boy, do they keep getting worse for the current White House resident.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have already been in the toilet, but if there was any hope among Democrats that things would stabilize, that doesn’t appear to be happening. A new Quinnipiac poll was released today and shows the president with an approval rating that would make George W. Bush blush. It’s not just the top-line number that’s bad either. The breakdown is absolutely brutal.


The comparison of Biden to Bush is apt because the latter had no floor when it came to how far his presidency could collapse. Unlike Barack Obama and Donald Trump, who seemed to have very durable bases of support, Biden doesn’t have that. He was always a transitional, compromise candidate that existed more as an idea than a real person. He was “ole Joe,” the moderate who would high-five you at a baseball game and console you at your father’s funeral.

At least that’s who many Americans thought he was before they actually got to know him. Now, the honeymoon is long over, and Biden has been exposed as a senile, angry old man with a penchant for incompetence and a stubborn streak that has shown itself to be deadly. The facade is gone, and since Biden is a terrible communicator without the ability to rally the troops, he just keeps fading.

The issues he’s fading on are bread and butter issues as well. “It’s the economy stupid” is sometimes an overused cliche, yet when inflation is raging, gas prices are skyrocketing, and the stock market is stumbling, people start to pay attention. The visuals from the border crisis have also served as a stark reminder of Biden’s gross inability as a leader. Lastly, even as Afghanistan has faded from the news, people appear to not be forgetting what transpired, where a politicized withdrawal cost the lives of 13 American service members.


All of this is awful news for Democrats as they head into 2022 already facing headwinds. I don’t believe there’s any historical precedent for a president that is this unpopular not losing Congress in his first mid-term. Bush was able to hold on in 2002 because he was bolstered by the show of unity following 9/11. Clearly, Biden has nothing to galvanize support, and given the state of the nation, I can’t imagine anything will arise to do that for him.

The Democrat coalition is splitting apart. There is no charismatic leader to hold it all together. For that reason alone, I expect his numbers to get even worse.


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