Progressive Thinking in a Nutshell: AOC Explains How Getting Nothing Is Better Than Getting Something

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The progressives have been throwing fits over the reconciliation bill. They forced a stalemate when they refused to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill without having a vote on the reconciliation bill first. Moderates are refusing to move the reconciliation bill first and they have issues in general with the price tag of the bill.


The reconciliation bill is generally reported as $3.5 trillion. But as we’ve reported, it’s actually likely far more than that — closer to over $5 trillion — although Democrats are now trying to argue that it will cost “zero dollars.” On top of the spending that we’ve already had this past year, with trillions on pandemic relief as well as $1.2 trillion in the infrastructure bill, moderates like Joe Manchin called this “fiscal insanity.” But the progressives are refusing to go for any form of a compromise.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) mocked folks who said that people should compromise. The video is going viral and is surely a classic in typical progressive thinking. Empty-headed and illogical, but certainly greedy and grasping.

“Isn’t something better than nothing,” she intoned. “And you know what we have to say,” she said she told her caucus. “When a bill passes that is underfunded, that only gives a crumb, you get that crumb. Because when you only get some and not all, then some people get nothing…Who gets nothing? We get nothing. So you know, standing up there in that Capitol, and I was like, ‘I don’t know if you all know yet by now, but I’m from the Bronx. When you tell me isn’t something better than nothing, what I hear, what you’re actually telling me is – isn’t something for you better? And why don’t you accept nothing so I can get something?’ That’s what’s actually being said.”


To her and the progressives, the trillions already given out over the past year are a “crumb.” And no, she isn’t from the Bronx; she’s from Yorktown Heights, the daughter of an architect who owned his own firm. So, she should just stop with that story. When you call trillions a “crumb,” you’re not thinking in reality.

You can see the typical progressive thought there, too — if someone else gets something, somehow that means the progressive is being denied something. Even if it’s untrue, and even if that’s not even logical.

But this rant is a perfect example of the greed of the progressives — no spending is ever enough. The government should just keep pouring out money for social spending without end. You can hear it there, with her saying better that we get nothing than that we don’t try to grab everything. Many of the responses to her post were, “Yes, something is better than nothing.” Because even many liberals have more sense than she does, apparently.

But there’s a consequence to this greed and they can see it right now, in terms of where they are on the reconciliation bill. Which is nowhere. They’ve gotten nothing so far. So, she’s getting exactly that nothing that she was ranting about.


How’s that going to work out for their base, if they can’t move the moderates? Sinema has indicated she’s perfectly willing to walk away from this all — and she has more objections than just the price tag. So, while they ultimately, somewhere down the road might get something, it’s already clear the progressives aren’t getting the $3.5 trillion — that’s dead on arrival.


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