Pull the Covers Over the Biden Agenda: Kyrsten Sinema Just Sent a Decisive Blow

Pull the Covers Over the Biden Agenda: Kyrsten Sinema Just Sent a Decisive Blow
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I think we can say, at least for the moment, it looks like the Biden agenda is dead.

Whether it will come back at a later point, scaled back is another question. But, right now, it’s looking like the progressives’ greed just killed the whole works. They tried to hold up the infrastructure bill by demanding the reconciliation spending spree first and got called on it. So now what they have is nothing.

As we reported earlier, Biden sent strong signals that the meeting was a failure by indicating a timeline for “getting this done” no longer matters. “We’re gonna get this done… it doesn’t matter if it takes six minutes, six days, or six weeks,” Biden said. He then blew off a question about unity, with “Come on, man!”

Some noted ironically that Biden basically said “666” in his comment.

But if that wasn’t enough to indicate that the Biden/Pelosi agenda had slipped away, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) sent a very clear message that it was dead, at least for now.

Sinema had previously said that if they didn’t have a vote on the infrastructure bill or pass it by Monday, she wouldn’t be backing reconciliation. And she had about ten other senators who were thinking along the same lines.

Sinema has had meetings since with Biden but there’s been no indication that either of them has moved off the positions that they have set. And now there’s word that she left town before Biden’s visit to the Hill which sends a pretty big message right there regarding any immediate agreement. So for Biden’s edification — since he seems to need it — that means it isn’t happening in six minutes.

Sinema’s spokesperson said that she had a medical appointment for a foot injury. But she also has a fundraising retreat scheduled for tomorrow in Phoenix, according to the NY Times.

People on the left just melted down over the news that she had left town with some even talking about going to the spa where she was having her event, showing how manic they all have gotten over this. Some of them, like Robert Reich, talked about primarying Sinema.

But it turns out that Sinema might know her constituents just a bit more than the radical leftists do.

From Washington Examiner:

A poll from OH Predictive Insights shows Sinema has a higher approval rating in Arizona than fellow Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly. While Kelly is immensely popular among Democrats, his net approval among independents is just +1, while Sinema’s is +6.

Sinema’s approval rating of 40% among Republicans is double that of Kelly. Overall, Sinema’s net approval rating is +7, while Kelly’s is +4. [….]

According to a Civiqs poll , Arizona residents disapprove of Biden by a margin of 53%-39%. That bodes ill for Kelly, whose polling leads over GOP candidates — such as Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich and Michael McGuire, the retired adjunct general of the Arizona National Guard — have decreased since OHPI polled the race in May.

Sinema has made it clear that she’s perfectly happy to walk away from the deal. And it looks like, at least for now, that’s what she’s done.

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