Maxine Waters Has the Craziest Remark You May Find on the CBP and Haitians

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In this job of writing about Democrats, I’ve seen a lot of crazy comments.

But if there’s anyone who’s always competing for “worst comment ever,” it’s Rep. Maxine Waters (Delusional-CA).


You know that she was going to have a good one with the debunked story that went viral about Haitians being “whipped” by the Border Patrol which never happened. Waters doesn’t disappoint with the crazy.

Waters claimed that the Haitian illegal aliens were being treated worse than animals and that agents used whips on them — as we pointed out, a monstrous lie.

But then she really got herself into trouble. During a Capitol press conference, Waters claimed that “What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years…What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”


“Cowboys with their reins in hand whipping black people, Haitians, into the water where they’re scrambling and falling down and all they’re trying to do is escape the violence in their country,” Waters harangued.

Just when you think she can’t top herself, she manages to do so.

If anyone truly thinks that Border Patrol agents doing their job at the border and preventing illegal aliens from entering the country is the same as slavery, they really have something wrong in their head. And yes, Waters clearly qualifies there. Slavery was an abomination. It’s always a bad move to try to compare anything to it because nothing else stands up. Or is she trying to actually diminish slavery if she says it’s the same thing as the incident with the Border Patrol? How is someone this twisted a member of Congress?

But funny thing, on top of all that, is Waters saying that it is “worse than what WE witnessed in slavery.” I know that Waters is bordering on ancient, right up there with the rest of the over-80 Democratic crew like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), but I didn’t know that she was actually so old that she had witnessed slavery which hasn’t been around since 1865. Tell me more, please, Maxine? And she didn’t “witness” what happened in Del Rio either. Because had she “witnessed” it, she would have known there were no whips and no one was whipped.


By the way, they’re not “cowboys,” Rep. Waters. They are Border Patrol agents who are serving their country, doing the job we pay them to — to protect the border. Democrats and the Biden team are doing a tremendous disservice to them by pushing this lie against them.

No, most of the Haitians in question are not just trying to “escape the violence in their country.” They already escaped it and have been living in South America for years, with jobs and resident papers. They’re just coming now — under Joe Biden — because they think they will be able to get into the United States.


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