Border Patrol Debunks the Fake 'Whipping' Haitians Story but Media Doesn't Care About the Truth

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

As we reported earlier, folks on the left — and some in the media — spread a ridiculous story about the Border Patrol on horseback hitting Haitians who were trying to illegally enter the country with whips.


Now, anyone with any sense should know that was a nonsense story. But apparently, a lot of media don’t have any sense and a lot of them don’t know anything about horses or reins. Or they simply don’t care about the truth. Take your pick.

There wasn’t one picture of anyone being hit with whips or with reins. Yet when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the story, the reporter referred to the pictures/video we have “seen” and so did Psaki. Yet the video didn’t show any such thing. It means the media and Psaki just imagined they saw it and/or didn’t even bother with the truth — they just are easily manipulated by the narrative.

What it showed was CBP stopping some of the illegal aliens from entering the country illegally with one agent twirling his reins likely when one of the people got too close to his horse. No whips and no one was hit by any reins.

Now, a CBP source has spoken with our Townhall brother, Julio Rosas. The source just completely skewered the dumb story.


The CBP also spoke with Peter Hasson of Fox News.

This is also not something new, nor is it racist in any way. The Border Patrol has been using horses to patrol the border since 1924 (except for a brief 20 year period between 1959 and 1979). They are often used in dealing with illegal aliens of all types. There is nothing unique about their use here, apart from that there are a lot more illegal aliens and a lot more media than there might normally be.

So why are tweets spreading this nonsense — like those of Sawyer Hackett — still up when they’re spreading straight-up misinformation? Unfortunately, the story went everywhere in the media. It’s troubling (although not surprising given their past lies) that the left and media would be willing to spread this without any evidence. The same media that has been largely ignoring the crisis at the border, ignoring the more than 14,000 illegal aliens camped out under the international bridge, the media ignoring that more than 200,000 illegal aliens are entering the country a month, suddenly has discovered a story about the border that they wanted to cover and spread.


Here are their horrible takes on the story tonight.

Of course, the odd thing about this is that they’re hurting Joe Biden with the false story.


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