Biden Gets Eviscerated on Economy and Inflation in New Poll

We’ve reported on how the polls in regard to Joe Biden have started to slide big time away from him, and we’re only six months into the madness that he’s propagating.


His numbers have started to crash to the earth with an Economist/YouGov poll that found more Americans thinking he wasn’t honest or trustworthy than who thought he was and 53% perceiving him as a weak leader.

Now, a new Fox poll shows that they’ve slid still further and are hitting him big time in the all-important area of the economy.

The survey found that 33% of the Americans thought that the economy was in poor condition, with another 38% saying it was “only fair.” While many blamed the pandemic, 79% also blaming Biden’s government policies for the spike in inflation. That’s a huge number, and it showed 86% of Americans were concerned with inflation, another huge number. He’s also underwater on his handling of the economy — 47% approving to 49% not. When voters show up at the polls, it’s the economy that is usually uppermost in their minds because that’s the thing that really affects them.

The poll showed that rising prices are starting to hit people hard. 70% said that rising grocery prices had caused them financial hardship, with 67% saying that about gas prices, as well.

But there were a few other extremely instructive responses and they say everything about the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats and how far left the Democrats have moved.


The poll asked Americans about their opinion of capitalism and socialism. 49% of Democrats favorable opinion of capitalism. 59% approved of socialism. It should be very troubling that number is so high given history. The numbers were far better for Republicans, with 69% having a favorable opinion of capitalism and only 8% Republicans having a favorable opinion of socialism.

Republicans have always been believers in limited government. But after the pandemic and the intrusive actions of the government with mandates and restrictions, that’s even more true. 75% of Republicans want government to leave them alone. But 69% of Democrats want government to lend them a hand.

That says everything right there.


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