State Department Tries to Steal Credit for Rescue of Four Americans From Afghanistan

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

The Biden Administration is responsible for the huge mess in Afghanistan.

First, getting a lot of people killed and wounded because of the bungled withdrawal.

Second, leaving an unknown number of Americans and thousands of SIVs there.


Then on top of that, the State Department allegedly put Americans and SIVs in greater danger in Mazar-i-Sharif by not clearing them out of the airport fast enough, then creating a standoff with the Taliban, with hundreds of people still trapped there at last word including at least 142 Americans.

So, when the State Department made a big announcement today, claiming that the “U.S. has facilitated the safe departure of four US citizens by overland route from Afghanistan. Embassy staff was present upon their arrival,” it sounded like maybe they had actually done something constructive after all the disaster they created.

A State Department spokesperson, when asked whether the agency is overselling its role in Mariam’s rescue, told Fox News in an email: “The Department assisted four Americans depart Afghanistan via an overland route on Monday. We provided guidance to them, worked to facilitate their safe passage, and Embassy officials greeted the Americans once they had crossed the border.”


Except not so much. Turns out that the folks who really saved the family of four — a mother and three children — said that the State Department is trying to grab credit despite playing “little to no role for much of the rescue effort.”

Cory Mills, who was behind the rescue said the State Department claim was “absolute nonsense.”

“The fact that they’re spinning this, trying to take 100% credit when they didn’t track this family, when they placated this family, when the mother, who was under extreme stress and extreme pressure, reached out to the State Department multiple times and got no help.” […]

“This is an attempt to save face by the administration for the Americans they left behind. This is a woman with three children from age 15 all the way down to two-years-old. And they did nothing to try to expedite this… But at the very last minute you have these ‘senior officials’ at the State Department trying to claim credit for this like ‘oh yeah look what we’ve done,'” Mills said.

“It’s like we carried the ball to the 99-and-a-half yard line and them taking it that last half yard and being like ‘look what we did.’”

Mills and his rescue team tried to get her out first through the Kabul airport, but the Taliban turned her back. They then considered the Mazar-i-Sharif route but then the planes weren’t cleared. So Mills and his team got her out through an overland route, through multiple attempts and sleight of hand like a “shell game” he said, just before the Taliban closed the checkpoint they went through.


The State Department’s ultimate role? They helped get them tourist visas after they had already gotten out across the border into another country. Big help. Both Rep. Markwayne Mullin and Rep. Ronny Jackson said the State Department’s claims were false, Mullin calling it a “flat out lie.”

So after creating this mess and putting people in this position, how offensive is this that they try to also steal claim for things they didn’t even do? These people have no shame.


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