Acosta and Fauci Tag Team to Fight 'Disinformation' -- as They Push Disinformation Themselves

Anthony Fauci and Jim Acosta (Credit: CNN)

We reported over the weekend how the left was flipping out over Joe Rogan saying he was given ivermectin as part of a combination of therapeutics to deal with COVID. One of the talking points that they kept using was describing ivermectin as a “horse dewormer” or describing it as a drug for livestock.


As we explained, this itself is “disinformation,” as ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug that won the Nobel Prize in 2015 because of the benefit it had to help millions of people around the world. Even the CDC is recommending it to refugees for its anti-parasitic effect, as we noted.

To describe it simply as a “livestock drug” is deceptive and misleading. While it’s been FDA-approved for dealing with parasites in humans, it hasn’t been approved for COVID.

So it was with terrific irony that CNN’s Jim Acosta had on Dr. Anthony Fauci to talk about disinformation in regard to ivermectin, when both Acosta and Fauci have been fonts of misinformation in the past. As they talked about the problem of disinformation, you could see the chyron on the bottom of the screen, “Joe Rogan says he took widely discredited livestock drug for COVID.”


Talk about disinformation. Rogan took a drug for humans. So are Fauci and Acosta going to chastise themselves for their own disinformation here? Are they going to call each other out? Each of them has a long history of spreading misinformation, with Fauci even admitting to saying false things, for example, early on in the pandemic regarding masks because he said he wanted to protect the mask supply. A lie that a “scientist” shouldn’t be engaging in for political reasons.

Bottom line? You shouldn’t be taking actual drugs without them being prescribed by a doctor. But what you take for an illness is between you and your doctor — not the government, not Dr. Fauci, and not CNN. They don’t get to dictate your medical health. The problem is their belief that they have an interest in dictating to you, which they’ve demonstrated ever since the start of this pandemic.


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