Liberal Talking Point About Joe Rogan and Ivermectin Gets Blown up From Unexpected Source

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Joe Rogan got a lot of attention from folks after he announced he had the Wuhan coronavirus but that he used a cocktail of things to fight it — including ivermectin — and was feeling better. He’s been a strong voice against vaccine passports and forced mandates when it comes to the virus.


Now, you shouldn’t take something because someone talks about it on the internet or because the government says to take something or not take something. What you take should be between you and your doctor, based on what is best for you, with your doctor knowing your particular case.

But just the discussion of ivermectin infuriated some folks on the left. They were beside themselves that Rogan mentioned it, attacking it as a “horse dewormer.”


Now this one probably wins for worst self-own, from a Newsweek editor-at-large:

Imagine trying to use the Taliban to attack someone, but really revealing your own ignorance.

Because ivermectin isn’t just a “horse dewormer.” While it’s not approved by the FDA for use for COVID, it’s an anti-parasitic drug, approved for humans for other purposes.

Indeed the guy who came up with it, William Campbell, won the Nobel Prize for it in 2015, because of its significant contribution toward helping combat parasites that caused problems for about 100 million people around the world. “Treatment is so successful that these diseases are on the verge of eradication, which would be a major feat in the medical history of humankind,” the Nobel committee said.

So anyone calling it a horse dewormer is revealing they don’t understand how it’s been used. And one thing that’s really hilarious, given this “fake news” about it just being a “horse dewormer” is who is recommending the usage of ivermectin for refugees coming into the country to fight issues of parasites: the CDC.


So either you have to believe the CDC is insulting refugees and calling them horses. Or they’re trying to poison them. Or — the truth — this blows up the left’s ridiculous “horse dewormer” nonsense about ivermectin because it has been used for humans. The CDC is not recommending it for COVID, however.

But it’s still very funny that these folks on the left think they’re attacking people calling it “horse dewormer” when they’re just revealing their own ignorance and lack of understanding of medicine.


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