Kamala's Horrible Reaction to the Afghanistan Question Not Only Exposes Her, but the Media

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden is coming under a lot of fire for his incompetent actions in regard to Afghanistan.

Even some Democrats and media, as well as leaders around the world, have all blasted him for his failure.


But one of the problems with having Joe Biden in charge is who he has as his back-up — Kamala Harris.

We reported on some of her first remarks off the plane when she arrived in Singapore to start her trip. She claimed that she didn’t have a higher priority than the folks now trapped in Afghanistan.

Yes, we could really tell that from how she hasn’t commented publicly on the situation until now. What was she tweeting about when Kabul fell? Her only tweet that day, last Sunday, was one encouraging people to get vaccinated.

She showed her priorities by what she was talking about. But while she met with Biden on the matter, she basically hid from public comment on the question for a week, at a time when Biden’s remarks have only exacerbated the problem. If it was her first priority, she never could have just flown off on the Asia-Pacific trip with Americans and allies still trapped.


But it turns out that wasn’t all her comments when she got off the plane today in Singapore. The AP left something out of the tweet that they posted. A reporter starts to ask her to respond to the reports of Americans being trapped in Afghanistan. Her very first reaction to the question was to cackle. But the AP didn’t include that.

“Hold on. Hold on. Slow down everybody. Hahaha. Um, I want to talk about two things. First, Afghanistan — we couldn’t have a higher priority right now.”

I can’t believe she did that. But having seen her in the past, it’s par for the course.

How can she react this way to such a serious question? It just shows she’s not a serious person.

Unfortunately if Biden resigns or is removed, we get her — and America doesn’t think she’s qualified to be president, as I reported a couple of days ago. She’s empty-headed with no core beliefs. She just does whatever she can to advance her own power. Her cackle is actually a “tell,” as they talk about in poker. Hillary Clinton had the same problem. When you corner her with a question that she doesn’t like and doesn’t want to answer, she cackles.


But there’s a larger point here. The AP is supposed to be reporting what she says, not clipping out what they think might harm her image. Cackling is what she did — that should have been in there, warts and all. When they take that out, it just lends to that sense that the media is operating on behalf of the Democratic Party.


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