Kamala Tanks in New Poll as She Goes Radio Silent on Afghanistan

It isn’t only Joe Biden who seems to be hiding from questions about the Afghanistan debacle. It’s also been Kamala Harris.

Harris has gone largely radio silent, not speaking in public about the issue or taking any questions since the fall of Kabul. What was she tweeting about as Kabul fell? She was encouraging people to get vaccinated — a complete shameful failure to respond to the moment.


Even before the current mess, Kamala was already in trouble in the polls, even underwater in some in approval.

But it’s gotten worse now. Poll numbers are showing that most Americans don’t believe that she’s qualified to run the country. While Joe is out to lunch, unfortunately, is she really any better?

From NY Post:

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday, 55 percent of likely voters say the former senator from California is either “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to assume the duties of the presidency. By contrast, 43 percent consider Harris “qualified” or “very qualified” to be commander in chief.

The same poll found in April that 49 percent of likely voters said Harris was qualified to become president, though 51 percent of voters had an “unfavorable impression” of her.

The poll was taken between Aug. 12 and Aug. 15, as the Taliban embarked on its sweeping offensive across Afghanistan that led to the collapse of that country’s Western-backed government weeks before the deadline to remove US combat forces.

She’s running away now, but in April, she claimed that she was the last person to whom Biden spoke before he pulled troops from Afghanistan and was touting her involvement.

“This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage,” Harris told host Dana Bash at the time. “He is someone who I have seen over and over again make decisions based on what he truly believes — based on his years of doing this work and studying these issues — what he truly believes is the right thing to do.”


You mean his forty years of getting everything wrong. Plus his belief that “chaos” was built into the withdrawal and so not really his fault. Not to mention that he has no moral obligation to get people out as he’s said before about Afghan allies and Vietnamese allies.

On August 16, she even retweeted Biden’s ridiculous claim that they’ve made Afghanistan safe from being used by Al Qaeda in the future for terrorism.

How? By ensuring that it’s now become a terrorist state?

Today, she’s heading out to Vietnam, so she may get some further distance from the D.C. media.

But as the numbers show, the avoidance strategy isn’t going over well with the American people.


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