Perfect Billboard Skewers Joe Biden in Wilmington, NC

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Americans have been astonished at just how badly Joe Biden has handled the situation in Afghanistan.

Biden seemed mad during his speech yesterday trying to justify withdrawal, when what people were really looking for was answers on how he was conducting the withdrawal — why it was such a disaster and how he was going to help people. But he really didn’t address that. Instead, he just seemed to blame everyone else under the sun for the problems. Then he took no questions and skedaddled back to Camp David, back to vacation.


As I noted earlier, there was shock and upset across the board at the speech across all political lines, even among Democrats who would normally cut Biden more slack. The pollster who gauged people’s reactions said Biden’s speech didn’t go over well at all, with anyone, with Republicans and independents giving it a straight-up failing grade and Democrats giving Biden a “C.”

But someone apparently decided enough was enough — that he wanted to make his feelings known about Joe Biden on a Wilmington digital billboard. He clearly had a sense of humor, as well, as he trolled Biden.

Now that’s just amazing. It shows Biden eating ice cream while the helicopters are taking off from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul in one shot in a “Saigon moment” reminiscent of the fleeing of the embassy there in 1975. Then another shot shows Biden hiding behind blinds, peering out.

But I get ya, how do we know that’s real and not just a fabulous photoshop?

Amy Hudson is a Trump supporter from that area and she sent me photos of the billboard at night and I confirmed those stores are at that address. So thank you, Amy, for the assist!


But in case you’re still not sure, someone actually went there and took an unedited video of the billboard to fact check and prove it was real.

Looks like not everyone is loving Joe Biden in Wilmington, North Carolina. It perfectly skewered him.

So it’s real. Hat’s off to whoever it was behind this. We don’t know who you are but I doff my cap to you, good person. You’ve said it for so many of us with your humor.


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