Oh My: Biden COVID Advisor Admits Basic Truth the Admin Has Failed to Say for Months

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Jen Psaki wasn’t holding back during the briefing today. While she said that she didn’t anticipate them pushing for new lockdowns in regard to the Wuhan coronavirus, she wasn’t ruling anything out.


Translation: don’t bet that they wouldn’t.

This was also the same bunch that said if you get vaccinated you no longer had to wear the mask.

How many times have these people flip-flopped, all the while dictating to us? And if anyone was trying to keep straight their “guidance,” it would surely drive you mad as they don’t seem to know from one minute to the next what they are saying.

So are you prepared for one more bit of just infuriating aggravating information from the Biden bunch?

Here’s Michael Osterholm, one of Biden’s Wuhan coronavirus advisers and the director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, who admits that all this has brought the country to a point of “confusion.”


He then said, “We know today that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective at reducing any of the virus movement, either in or out, either you’re breathing out or you’re breathing in.” He said that we needed to talk about “better masking” and N95 masks.

Now, this isn’t the first time Osterholm has said this. Everyone who has been following the actual facts and not the Biden dictates knows the truth of what he said.

But the Biden bunch has not been saying this as part of their official guidance and one might think it somewhat important, particularly now that they are re-instituting mask mandates even on the vaccinated. Biden himself only wears a cloth mask generally when he’s worn a mask. That’s what they have been pushing as “effective.” That’s what’s really shocking, that they haven’t been straight up about the truth of the matter here.


Biden has been modeling and promoting behavior which his own advisor admits is ineffective. Consider on top of all this, then they’re going to make kids wear the masks, most of whom will only have/wear the cloth masks that Osterholm is talking about. But hey, remember the double masks are probably more effective! And what about the triple masks? And they wonder why no one takes them seriously and many Americans are completely confused and/or done with their “guidance?”


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