NYPD Brings a Reckoning on Leftists Who Seize Property and Call Them 'Slavecatchers'

NYPD takes on leftists when they seize property (Credit: Elad Eliahu)

We’ve been seeing something of a different attitude in the last week from police in two of the most liberal cities in the country — in Los Angeles and in New York — and you have love to see it.


It’s as though, after all the crime and violence from radical leftists, that the police have just had enough and have stopped giving them the kid gloves treatment.

As we reported, the LAPD let loose at the WiSpa last weekend actually responding to getting attacked by Antifa, whacking them with batons and taking them down with non-lethal impact munitions. A bunch of them were also arrested. Lo and behold, Antifa isn’t out again this weekend. Could it be that if they finally get a response to their violence that they learn not to continue, if there are consequences?

In New York City yesterday, left wing activists took over some vacant retail space that was under construction in Brooklyn, claiming it for the “community.” That got problematic when construction workers who came to work on the property found them there. That’s when the police were called and it didn’t end well for the leftists.

Elad Eliahu, who captures a lot of great video out of New York, caught the action here.

Warning for graphic language:


They think they can just claim property as theirs. They’re outraged that the police would show up and tell them to get out. It’s not even an abandoned property, it’s in the middle of being worked on. We’ve seen how in some leftist cities like Minneapolis they’ve allowed stuff like that to go on for months. But the NYPD was having none of their guff. The “Oh my god” shrieks are priceless. Um, guys? You’re breaking the law and being jackasses. What do you expect?

They pointed out Eliahu and one moved toward him, touching him with an umbrella, while at the same time saying he should not touch her. Logic and sanity not a strong suit here, obviously.

They then complained to the police that Eliahu had committed assault. So as Eliahu notes, these folks go immediately from “ACAB” all cops are bastards to “listen to my lie and do something about it” within seconds.


The NYPD calls in their riot police. That’s when it really started to go bad for the radicals. A whole line of cops showed up and wouldn’t let them near the building. They lost their minds (well, what they have left) and started screaming their heads off, even screaming at the black cops and calling them “slave catchers.”

Do we need to state the obvious that none of these people are slaves except to the crazy in their own heads?

The police declared an illegal assembly and these characters made the mistake of trying to push back against the cops. Not a good move.


Great ending.

Nothing quite beats the smell of leftists getting locked up in the morning.


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