Police Deliver a Bruising Lesson to Antifa When They Get Violent at LA Spa Protest

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

We’ve previously reported about trouble at the WiSpa in Los Angeles because women were complaining that a trans person, a biological male, was exposing himself to women and young girls in the women’s area of the spa. The women complained, but the spa wouldn’t do anything about it.


That led to protests against the spa by people upset that nothing was being done to address the problem, as well as counter-actions by Antifa who apparently was just cool with biological males exposing themselves to women and little girls.

But today, the actions got way out of hand when Antifa attacked the police, throwing projectiles at them and otherwise getting violent. Police declared an unlawful assembly. It didn’t end well for Antifa, when the police appeared to take off the gloves and deliver a beat-down to them.

Warning for graphic language

It started off with craziness like this.

Then it went downhill.

They even took one of them down with point-blank impact munition to the gut.


Cops pushed them back and then played ‘tag the Antifa’ with the impact munitions, dispersing them and chasing them on the run.

They then managed to kettle Antifa and make some arrests.


Good for the police for finally taking some action. Pro tip to Antifa? Playing “medic” doesn’t get you excused from being arrested if you break the law. At the last protest, protesters were being attacked and pushed around in the streets by these Antifa punks. This time, it looks like the police came to actually confront them and weren’t going to let them get away with the same thing. Some of them even got arrested.

They wanted to paint it as about “trans rights,” but in reality they attacked people and police for the right of an adult biological male to show his penis to women and little girls. That’s what they’re standing for now. That’s how twisted this craziness has become at this point.


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