Biden Imposes Further Restrictions on Americans While Letting Infected Illegal Aliens Pour Across Border

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Here we go again.

The Biden Administration just can’t give up the control and they’re going crazy over the Delta variant.

They’re in discussions with the CDC about pushing masks back on people, even the vaccinated.


But they’re already trying to impose further travel restrictions on Americans.

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration announced that they would be extending restrictions on travel from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico because of COVID-19 including the Delta variant.

“To decrease the spread of COVID-19, including the Delta variant,” the DHS announced, “The United States is extending restrictions on non-essential travel at our land and ferry crossings with Canada and Mexico through August 21, while ensuring the continued flow of essential trade and travel. DHS is in constant contact with Canadian and Mexican counterparts to identify the conditions under which restrictions may be eased safely and sustainably.”

In other words, they’re continuing to prevent Americans from legally traveling back and forth and not letting in legal visitors.

Meanwhile, anyone and their mother can walk across the Southern border, whether infected or not, if they do so illegally. As we reported, there’s crazy video of the CBP just letting in hundreds at a time, with those infected up 900% in just the past two weeks (and that’s just the people we know of).


This is all while the number of deaths on a seven-day rolling average is at 237, according to the CDC.

Is there some kind of cognitive dissonance going on here? How can you claim that you’re doing anything against the virus when you’ve left the back door open for folks to pour in at a clip of almost 190,000 people per month? Meanwhile, shutting down the ability of legal citizens and legal visitors to travel?

Exactly where is the rule of law when you have such mania imposed by Joe Biden?

It all has a cost as well, not only on the individual people being restricted, but it’s harming the economy and jobs as well.

From Politico:

Every day, these outdated rules wreak economic damage on our nation. Travel bans related to Canada, the EU and the U.K. alone cost the U.S. economy $1.5 billion every week that they remain in place — enough to support 10,000 American jobs.

The ability to safely reopen international travel is an opportunity the Biden administration should not pass up.

But unfortunately, he’s doing exactly that.


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