Gov. DeSantis Shows Kamala and Joe How Its Done With His Visit to Border

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The Biden team has completely failed when it comes to the border problem. President Donald Trump had largely placed things in check, despite massive opposition from Democrats. But when Joe Biden came in, he immediately destroyed much of what Trump had done, stopping the wall being built ,and eliminating ‘Remain in Mexico’, among other moves. Then of course, Joe’s remarks encouraged illegal aliens to flood the border, as this chart from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) appears to show:


Biden had tried to argue it was seasonal as it kept going up. He was hoping that the numbers would drop in the summer, as they generally do because it’s hotter and more challenging to come. Then he could argue the numbers went down. Yet, we see even in June, the numbers were still going up. It actually took them until July 16 to release the June numbers — as you can see from the date on the announcement above; that’s how you knew how bad they were.

Biden isn’t even trying to pretend he’s doing anything about it anymore either.


So, Texas has been trying to step up to deal with the problem in their own state themselves, because of the failure of the federal government, as has Arizona. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey put out the calls for help — and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis was one who answered the call, lending Florida law enforcement officers to Texas.

He actually visited the border himself (doing far more than Kamala Harris ever did) with Gov. Abbott, meeting in Del Rio, Texas, and actually going to the border wall.


DeSantis and Abbott said the crisis is going to have an impact on more states than just those at the border — from the people and the drug influx.

From Fox News:

‘Just the scale of this in terms of the stress of public resources, school, medical other things, this is going to greatly impact communities throughout Florida and I think across the country,” DeSantis said at a press conference.

“This is a situation where all states need to be a part of the process of stepping up,” Abbott said. [….]

DeSantis noted that his state is having a problem with methamphetamine, and said that 95% of it came across the border.

“What happens at the border happens here today, but it will be happening in these other states tomorrow or next week or next month,” Abbott said.


DeSantis said many who were entering illegally said they were heading ultimately for Florida.

Texas has been arresting people who are coming in illegally, apprehending more than 50,000 people, and is trying to finish the wall that Biden stopped.

Kudos on the Republican governors for stepping up. However, they shouldn’t even have to be doing all this — if Biden and Harris would just do their jobs.


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