Antifa Found Someone They Didn't Want to Tangle With, so They Needed the Cops

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

As we reported previously, there was a big problem created at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles when a transgender person was allowed in the women’s section, exposing his penis to the women and little girls there.


Women complained, and the spa’s response was that they couldn’t deny the transgender person access because of California law.

That angered people and prompted a protest of the spa yesterday. That also prompted a counter-effort from SoCal Antifa.

But the Antifa folks got violent, attacking protesters and reporters who were covering the story, as we reported.

They surrounded different people and tried to force them out of the area, beating some of them along the way.

They chased this videographer.

Warning for graphic language on the following videos:

Then, there was an attack on one of the street preachers who was there.


But there was one interaction that was different.

Antifa was trying to move in on this Latino man, and he was having none of it. He stood up to them as they moved around him. And he held them all off, hitting one of them — which got him arrested for his trouble.

If you thought those were chains that he’s defending himself with, they’re not. They’re big, rosary beads. What he’s saying is that it’s an abomination to support having naked people with penises around little girls. Some theorized because of the tats that the man might have been in a gang.


Now, obviously we don’t know. But I’m thinking he could probably have taken on any number of them; he held them all back. But they couldn’t force him away; they had to appeal to the cops to help them. You know the same guys they want to defund, which is very humorous. They even thanked them. Because when they want protection from one man, then the police are supposed to be there, right?

There’s another perhaps interesting point here. If the one guy who got hit with the rosary is going to make a complaint for assault, he or any witnesses have to give their names to the cops, so the cops will then find out who they are. So, either they have to come forward, or the case could get dropped. Whoops.



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