Judge Delivers Important Win for GOP on Challenge to Georgia Election Law

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Democrats like Joe Biden have demonized Georgia’s new election law, falsely calling it such things as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

They so demonized the state with these comments that they caused Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game to Colorado, costing the citizens of Georgia an estimated $100 million.


That, of course, was nonsense and Democrats own the damage they did to Georgia because of that.

However, that isn’t stopping the Democrats from trying to take aim at the law and do more damage. Leftist activists filed an action objecting to parts of the law for the upcoming election run-offs set for Tuesday, according to Fox News.

But U.S. District Court Judge J.P. Boulee has just delivered a win to the GOP by refusing to block the application of the law. The parts they were challenging pertained to monitoring or photographing parts of the election process, as well as setting a new deadline for requesting absentee ballots.

Check out what they’re objecting to.

The challenged provisions prohibit observers from: intentionally observing a voter in a way that allows them to see how the person is voting; reporting anything they see during absentee ballot processing to anyone other than an election official; estimating or tallying the number of absentee ballots cast or any votes on the absentee ballots cast; and photographing the touchscreen of a voting machine while a voter is voting, or photographing a voted ballot.

The final challenged provision sets an absentee ballot application deadline 11 days before an election.

Sounds pretty reasonable to me – who supports an observer spying on how someone is voting, for example? And what’s wrong with setting a deadline? How is any of that preventing anyone from voting? Answer: it isn’t. It’s all stuff and nonsense.


The judge held that trying to upend the law at this point right before the election would be changing things “in the ninth inning” and could risk “disrupting the administration of an ongoing election.” He didn’t foreclose that he might not consider them in future elections, but for now, it’s a win for the new law and the GOP. Boulee will also be the judge in the other cases now pending against the law.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger celebrated saying it was just the latest “in a line of frivolous lawsuits” and vowed to defeat the other pending cases against the law.

Democrats go down to defeat in trying to upend election security and this election will be able to continue. So that’s a win for the election and a win against the lies being pushed by the left.


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