Trump Dunks on Biden, and Acosta Gets What He Deserves During Border Visit

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Today was President Donald Trump’s trip to the Texas border with Gov. Greg Abbott.

Trump planning a trip there was why, suddenly, the Biden team scrambled to have Kamala Harris go to El Paso for four hours last week — before Trump. But she never even made it to the actual border. Her whole trip was smoke and mirrors, basically a stopover on the way home for her to California. She didn’t go to where the crisis really was or speak to any of the people really affected by it there.


Meanwhile, Trump’s trip was, of course, a real trip, with a real visit to the actual border. He got a briefing from the Governor and from law enforcement on the status of everything.

Trump spoke at the border, thanking the border patrol and other local law enforcement, as well as mentioning the deals that he’d made with other countries to slow the flow. Joe Biden blew up those deals, which is one of the reasons there’s been such a massive influx of illegal aliens under Biden.

“All Biden had to do was go to the beach. If he would’ve just done nothing, we would have now the strongest border we’ve ever had,” Trump said. Sounds about right, but Biden was so bent on undoing Trump, he couldn’t refrain. He stopped Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and stopped building the wall. Unlike Kamala Harris’ trip where she was nine miles from the border, you can see the border wall in the background behind Trump. Trump said that under Biden, “Now we have an open, really dangerous, border. More dangerous than it’s ever been in the history of our country, and we better go back fast.”


But apparently, CNN couldn’t bring themselves not to follow Trump to the border — they’re desperate to pump up their flagging ratings. So they sent Jim Acosta there to cover Trump and Abbott’s visit. But Acosta being Acosta, he didn’t know how to act like something other than a Democratic Trump-hating operative. The officials let him into the event where he immediately embarrassed himself and acted like he always does, trying to make it not about the border, but what he, Jim Acosta, wants to make it about: the Capitol riot.

It isn’t about you or your obsessive-compulsive Trump hate, Jim. It’s about the border and how Biden and Harris have made the situation so much worse.

Trump just looks at him with a smile, as though he’s thinking, “Oh, this silly guy again.” That’s really the best possible response to Acosta, just treat him like he’s not even worth more than that cursory look.


They start playing “YMCA” and Acosta gets drowned out.

Abbott said he was going to pick up what Biden stopped and finish the wall with, ironically, stimulus funds, a fitting response to Biden.


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