Greg Abbott Executes a Hilarious but Completely Necessary Troll Using Biden's 'Stimulus' Money

(Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool)

Is it possible for something to be a masterful troll but also be completely necessary at the same time? Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has given us an answer to that question.


With the Biden administration abdicating its duty to enforce border laws, causing a massive surge in illegal immigration, Texas is taking matters into its own hands. But it’s where Abbott is getting the funding that is going to turn heads.

The money in Biden’s plan was purposely void of strings attached because the game was to shower blue states with money, allowing them to bail out their mismanaged budgets and perpetuate left-wing priorities. Abbott has turned that on its head, instead, using a significant portion of the money given to Texas to help build a border wall in his state.

Here’s more from The Dallas Morning News.

Congress didn’t intend for states to use the pandemic bailout for wall construction. Democrats find it maddening that Abbott found a workaround.

“We have a wall in my district and we still have a surge. What he ought to do is use $250 million to fix our electrical grid,” said Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-McAllen, adding that Congress gave states plenty of flexibility, but “it certainly wasn’t intended to build the wall.”

I’m sure it wasn’t intended for that when Pelosi and her cohorts drafted the bill, but this is a good lesson in unintended consequences. There was no reason to send all this money to the states, but now that it’s done, you can expect them to use it the way they see fit.


Further, you can’t blame Abbott or his state for taking action against a serious problem when the federal government won’t. Building a wall and using National Guard troops from various allies (such as Florida and South Dakota) to try to stem the flow is a logical move. If Biden, Gonzalez, or any other Democrat doesn’t like that, they are welcome to actually do their job for once. Reinstating the Remain in Mexico policy would be a good start.

Since late last year, over one million illegal immigrants have crossed the border, with most of those being let free under the guise of family reunification. The crisis is real. It’s not a right-wing fantasy, and things are only getting worse.

With Biden in office, increased federalism is becoming the only way to solve real issues. That would be a really good thing if the federal government wasn’t also blowing out the debt and growing at an astronomical rate. With Democrats in power, though, there’s little that can be done about that until 2022. Meanwhile, what can be done is what Abbott is doing — using available resources to protect his state.


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